You are what you think you are.

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Happy Thursday, another week behind us, we are already fully into spring and although there is a strong desire for summer, let’s not run! Let’s enjoy this season well, without skipping it :)

You know when there is a day of the week when you do something you really want to do, and it becomes your favorite day? Well, that happens to me with Thursdays. Although it has always been a day of the week that I especially like, since I come here to tell you and share things, even more so!

And these little details are significant. We are all already very aware of the importance of “the little things” but in many occasions, we don’t pause on them to really savor them.

buy jewelry online, You are what you think you are.

Those little things define you, define your days, who you are, and how others see you.

Because at the end of the day it’s not so relevant what you believe or think but how you act, how you talk and how you behave with others.

Surely, you have ever played with your friends the “how do you see me?” game, but with respect and sincerity. It’s not about saying nice things to each other, that too, but to see what aspects of ourselves we transmit, without even knowing it. 

The funny thing is that most of the time, in addition to the aspects that you know and that all your friends know, things come out that make you go crazy, “Really? Is that what I transmit? Is that how I look sometimes? Oh, my good. It can’t be…

It doesn’t have to be bad, it can be bad or good or neither good nor bad. The funny thing is that you are not aware of it. You don’t know that others see this version of you.

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Love yourself a lot

Above all, love yourself, listen to yourself. We’ve talked about this exercise in other articles, but every morning give yourself 5 minutes while you’re making breakfast or in the shower and fill yourself with positive phrases. “I listen to myself” “I attend to my needs” “I am true to myself and my values” “I can achieve if I work at it”, ….

A little help from the outside

And the fact is that to take care of the inside you have to take care of the outside friends. Yes, there are trends that circulate around that “beauty is on the inside”, “the important thing is inside” and yes, it’s true. There is undoubtedly our essence. But what is inside you only you know and with your way of speaking, acting, the clothes you choose, will be how others will discover what is inside. When we relate to the world we do it with everything that represents us. Let’s look at some external contributions that will be great for you.

Be a picky chooser.

Choose everything carefully. When I say everything, I mean everything. From the clothes you buy, the lipsticks, the perfume, the jewelry, the people in your life…. Be clear about what you want and what you don’t want and clarify it for the rest of the world.

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Claim with slogans.

We have been able to find them on clothes for a long time now, hold on to the ones that represent you. In Maria Pascual we launched some divine rings that combine gold with zirconia and on them, you can read the words or rather, mantras of life: Karma, Soul, Love, or Queen. Get the one that best represents your current state, the one that comes closest to your inner struggle. They are ideal combined with each other. You can choose one to wear on your right hand and one for your left hand.

Make a list of what things you want to have in your life and what things you want to achieve and on the other hand a list of what you don’t want. Making the list may be difficult, but what will cost you the most is to carry it out. That is, go for what you want in your life and say goodbye to what you don’t want.

And before I say goodbye, remind yourself that difficult decisions, changes, novelties…. They give you a stomach ache and a lump in your throat. That’s how it is, but you have to chew the ball and swallow. That doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

Go ahead, buy yourself a ring to swallow the ball better and have a chocolate bar or any treat that will lift your spirits for when the package arrives. Open it, enjoy it and go for it! Whatever it is.

I hope you take good care of yourself this spring, as you deserve.

Thank you for being here. 

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