World Ocean Day.

International days are essential in our calendar because they help us to become aware, to pause and to understand what is happening.

The oceans are one of the most affected by pollution and malpractice that human beings carry out.

In Maria Pascual, we are every day more aware of the change that the world needs and that this is undoubtedly in our hands. World Ocean Day is coming up. #MPFights Plastics

We do everything possible to implement changes in packaging and processes to create the minimum environmental impact.

We have read a lot about how the world has benefited from the “stop” after the Covid-19. But while much is said about the land and air, the oceans are another major culprit, and we still have a lot to do.

The oceans are the lungs of our planet. They are necessary for life, for the ecosystem and for the natural balance. 

You too can save the planet

It is true that all change requires effort and sacrifice, but thanks to the social awareness we are all developing, these small changes are becoming easier.  

Since Maria Pascual, we have wanted to join this movement to help keep the oceans clean of wastWorld Ocean Day is coming up. #MPFights Plastics e, residues, toxics and plastics. To do this, we thought the best way was to give you a gift that would make it easier for you to help the planet

We’ll give you an aluminum bottle

And that’s because, from Monday 8th June, for purchases over 50 euros, we will give away a beautiful aluminum bottle*. Thanks to it, you will not have to use plastic or single-use containers. 

You will be able to fill it up and always carry it with you. 

It is practical and has a comfortable size that allows you to carry it in your bag to go to work or in your gym bag.

The motto? 

“No excuse for single use” and there is no excuse anymore. We can’t look the other way and more when we can do a lot together with small individual gestures.

I hope you like the initiative because we made it thinking of the oceans and thinking of you.

Coming soon, new solidarity bracelet

I’m sure you remember when I told you about the amazing project we were embarking on. We designed 4 bracelets for 4 causes. All the money raised, we gave it to an association that works hard every day to change things for the better. World Ocean Day is coming up. #MPFights Plastics

Thanks to you, we have donated to the association AECC against cancer and to the association Ana Bella against gender violence.

Well, at the end of the month, we got involved with another cause. The fight against the excess of plastics. We are doing it together with the Association Ambiente Europeo with a beautiful blue bracelet. This association contributes to reducing the amount of waste that reaches the sea.

Soon I will tell you more about #MPFights Plastics :)

Thanks for being here.

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