Welcome spring!

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How strong that in two days we are in spring. It seems that we have half slept since last spring, and now it is here again. I think this spring is going to be the most awaited, longed for and desires of all times. I can’t wait to enjoy this beautiful season.

Season of change, season of bloom

Every season has its thing, including winter. But the transitional seasons, spring and autumn are special. They are beautiful and ideal months to embrace changes and to pamper yourself a little :)

Don’t let this season pass you by like it’s nothing. Grab your calendar or your Google calendar and schedule and reserve for yourself a few minutes a day or a week. Think of it as a “tune-up” for summer :)

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Things to do in the spring

Buy flowers; and do it often. They hold up very well at home in a vase and are not that expensive. Don’t wait for the bouquet to get stale and renew it often. You can get lavender, daisies, … Whatever you like.

Review your closet and dress in lighter colors; the time has come to start taking out the shirt garments, dresses, t-shirts… Make a review of what you are going to wear and what you are not going to wear. Take the opportunity to make a list of the essentials for this spring. 

Eat well and choose seasonal fruits, vegetables and greens. Nature knows best and your body needs the nutrients from seasonal foods. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.

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Who has low vitamin D levels? Half the population! It’s the perfect time to soak up the sun. It’s already itchy, but still resistible. Locate an area close to home like a park, take a big scarf, a book and some picnic sandwiches – you’ll see what a gift of time this is for you.

Go through your jewelry box and take the opportunity to give your jewelry a good cleaning. You can do it thanks to a cloth carefully so as not to scratch them. Keep on hand the ones you are going to use more these months and take the opportunity to prepare the list of the pieces you need. There is news! So now I’ll tell you :)

Dear allergies, …. yes we know they are there. If your case is severe, surely you use sprays and pills to alleviate it if it is mild, you know, handkerchief in hand and sneeze! 

Have you seen all the news we have?

And these weeks have come to Maria Pascual many new products and on Tuesday comes another one, the initials necklaces in small version! :)

I’ll tell you what you can add to your cart now.

Smiley Ring;

A beautiful signet ring with the happiest and most used emoticon. The combination of black and gold gives it a super fun, cheerful but elegant touch.

Shop Online Store. Jewels from Barcelona.

Mini Bangle Hand

This rigid bracelet seems very spring-like to me. And is that the wrists are a very fine and feminine area of the body. In this season we wear them with rolled up blouses and ¾ sleeves. Wear it when you go to get your bouquet of flowers :)

Space Necklace

Chain necklace with space motifs hanging from it. It is very nice and perfect to wear this season.

Which one do you choose? Order them today and receive them in a couple of days.

Have a great start of spring.

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