We are heading to San Francisco!

Happy Thursday; Jewels Maria Pascual has traveled miles and miles from Barcelona to the city of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. It’s safe to say, we are extremely proud and honored to tell you about the launch of Maria Pascual in the beautiful city of San Francisco, USA. 

Working towards our objectives of 2020   

As mentioned a few months ago, one of our main projects and our key objectives of 2020 was the international expansion of our brand, Maria Pascual. 

This year we have set off to a good start, proudly making ourselves known in the beautiful city of San Francisco. You can imagine just how excited we are to build our brand presence in the USA. This store opening was something we planned a while ago and after a series of important meetings and conversations, the decision was made to open our store here. 

Maria Pascual is in the building! 

Since 1st March 2020, you can find the Maria Pascual jewelry located at 120 Maiden Ln, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States. Although we thought this goal would be hard to reach, we made it with great determination and motivation. 

It has been an absolute pleasure for Maria Pascual to open their first shop in the United States. We have made a selection of jewelry that fits in with the culture and style of San Francisco, and they are already available in store for you to enjoy.  

Do you have your Solidarity Bracelet against gender violence? 

As we told you last week, Maria Pascual just launched a super project. One born of a personal need; to help others. 

On March 2, we launched the very first Solidarity Bracelet for the Ana Bella Foundation. This is something that has affected us all directly, a cause that is close to us all. We decided that all profits will go to the Ana Bella Foundation. We want to live in a world where no woman will have to suffer from abuse again and as a victim of abuse, Ana Bella, dedicates her time to guiding, empowering and empowering women at her foundation.

When we started this project, we were clear that choosing the organizations and associations to which the money was allocated was significant. We always knew that we wanted total transparency, and we are pleased to donate all proceeds to this association.  

Do not miss it. Let’s fight! 

Thanks for joining us, see you next Thursday :)

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