Unveiling the crescent moon necklace’s meaning


The crescent moon hides a mystical symbolism. We reveal the meaning of the crescent moon necklace and the key piece that will bring you all its energy.

Our shared story with the moon

Have you ever wondered what’s the meaning behind a crescent moon necklace?

From an early age, the Pascual sisters have been fascinated by the night sky, the moon and the hidden symbolism of celestial bodies and stars. It’s not surprising that these have become a constant source of inspiration in the design process of Maria Pascual’s jewelry.

The moon is a magnetic and powerful star capable of monopolizing all of our attention. How many of us have been left spellbound contemplating its beauty? Whether we look at it from our bedroom window or stare at it lying on the grass on a summer night, its brightness is surely captivating

We search for the familiar silhouette of the moon as it rises and sets in the night sky. Undoubtedly, this star has always held a fascination for each of us. Moreover, it has been an element of inspiration for many throughout history.

Most artists and highly creative people are night owls. In fact, they tend to be more inspired at night and leave sleep on the back burner when focusing on their projects.

It is that sense of wonder that has always been at the heart of our love for jewelry in the shape of a moon, star or other celestial body. We all see the same moon, we all see the same stars, we all see the same sun. They are elements that transcend cultures, barriers and are part of our shared mythology.

En la imagen, la modelo lleva las Round Earrings XL, el Drops Necklace, el Milos Necklace y el Moon Necklace.

The Crescent Moon Necklace’s meaning

The crescent moon was known to symbolize femininity, fertility, intuition, female psyche and power. In Greek mythology, the goddess Selene represented the moon. Her name derives from selas, the Greek word that translates as light.

Legend has it that Selene drove her chariot of white horses across the night sky. This way, she gave the evening light with her imposing trail. Perhaps it is our universal desire for light in our lives that also drives our love for the moon and all its symbols.

Furthermore, for many centuries it has been believed that wearing an amulet in the shape of a crescent moon will bring magical dreams to its bearer.

A crescent moon necklace tells our own unique story. We turn to those things we find empowering when we see ourselves in the shadow of moonlight under a night sky. Everything we link to the moon is mysterious. Yet, it is an essential in our lives and visits us every night. A mystery hidden in plain sight. Maybe that’s why we find it so mesmerizing.

En las imágenes, el Moon Necklace.

Moon Necklace by Maria Pascual

Maria is a very mystical person: she believes in the energies that rule the universe and in Karma. That’s why one of her first designs had to capture the essence of the moon.

The Moon Necklace is one of the most iconic, recognizable and beloved pieces of our brand. A crescent-shaped necklace with an ethnic design born in 2012 as a result of her passion for the moon. A piece that went viral in its day and completely changed the destiny of our brand. We dare say it was the jewel that made gold a fashion statement again!

Beliefs and superstitions aside, as we have already mentioned, the moon has always been associated with fertility and femininity. Fun fact, the Moon Necklace is the piece that many pregnant women rely on. You would be surprised by the number of stories of customers who bought the Moon Necklace to wear it during their pregnancy and birth-day.

Today, it’s a basic that never goes out of fashion and that leaves no one indifferent. An essential in the jewelry box of thousands of people who have turned this crescent-shaped necklace into their personal amulet and an accessory they rely on in their lives.

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