Types of piercings and the ABC of the process

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If you are going to venture into piercing territory and it’s all an unknown thing to you, you should learn about the types of piercings. Start your curated ear and take your ear to the next level.

It’s undeniable that we are increasingly encouraged to fill our ears with piercings. Ears are a great place to show off your new jewelry. We have seen piercings decorating the ears of celebrities, on our favorite influencers and, thanks to their democratization, they’re now all over the streets.

The truth is that they’ve become an accessory that can bring a lot of personality and style. Long gone is the perception that piercings are associated with the tattoo world. Increasingly, they are being accepted as an earring and not a rather intimidating perforation.

If you got your first piercing as a teenager, you’ll surely remember the look on your parents’ faces when they saw it. Luckily, they are no longer a taboo, and even less so if worn in the ear.

The consequent acceptance of the piercing has led jewelry brands such as Maria Pascual to create minimalistic, comfortable and dainty options to wear every day to appeal to a greater audience.

In the image, the Creta Earrings combined with lobe piercings with the Stone Earrings Blue, the Shiny Piercing Black and the Earcuff Earring.

Not only that: the piercing world completely expands the possibilities of your earrings. Why wear only one pair when you can wear double or triple and thus make the most of them?

Learn the types of piercings – and their names

If you already have your ears pierced, chances are you’ve opted to start with the basics, namely the earlobe piercing. But, if you dream of having a much more decorated ear, you’ve probably considered moving on to the next league: venturing into cartilage. At Maria Pascual we are fans of curated ears – ears full of piercings studied to the millimeter so that they complement your ear and give you a dose of style.

Before deciding, you should know the types of piercings and their names, to speak properly. The most common (and the ones we recommend to start with) are the helix, contra-helix, daith, tragus, lobe or upper lobe.

Don’t let fear hold you back

Each piercing, depending on where you do it, is an extension of your style (and yes, honestly, a synonym of courage!). Because with piercings, the phrase “to look good, you have to suffer” becomes true. If you’ve decided to get one, make sure you choose the studio wisely before acting.

In the image, the Heart Pack Earrings from the Collage Vintage collection.

Put yourself in the hands of a professional who will ensure all safety measures and who will perform a check-up weeks after the piercing to make sure it is healing properly. Getting a piercing is an experience and should be satisfactory.

Healing the piercing is a must

Experience has taught us that in these cases, cheap comes out expensive. Cartilage is a particularly sensitive and delicate area. We recommend that any cartilage piercing be performed by specialists who know the proper techniques.

Every piercing has a healing and acceptance period. After all, we are “piercing” our body and it must assimilate it. There are some that take two weeks, others that may take a couple of months. In any case, make sure to disinfect it at least once a day with products that help healing. Consult a pharmacy to recommend the most appropriate product.

And remember: pressure is your biggest enemy. Try to sleep on the opposite side of your pierced ear.

If at some point you get tired of your piercings and they are recent, you can always choose to leave the holes open so that they heal and close naturally.

The importance of materials

Getting a piercing done in a professional studio with experts will ensure that they use piercings made of hypoallergenic materials. Steel, silver or gold will be your best allies. Do not use metals that rust: take care of your ears.

In the image, the Antique Hoops and the Antique Hoops Small.

All our Maria Pascual piercings have a brass base and are finished with 18/24 carat gold plating of the highest quality. In addition, they are very easy to put in and take out and will adapt perfectly to the hole of the ear in which you prefer to wear them. Their size and design make our piercings the perfect basic to mix and match as you like. Choose to create a completely different look every day depending on your style, occasion, mood or the story you want to tell. Our jewelry is a reflection of your personality.

What piercing should you choose?

In the piercing world, you are your greatest inspiration. Do what you feel comfortable wearing, as they should be an accessory that gives you style and confidence. Also, keep an open mind, as not all piercings look the same on everyone. Every ear is different and this will determine how your piercing looks.

Finally, for advice, seek a professional who will recommend the piercing that best complements and enhances the shape of your ear and, therefore, your face.

Be warned: piercings are an obsession and once you start, you won’t stop! They are truly addictive.

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