Happy Thursday! How are you? We are here fine, looking for a way to enjoy Halloween, even if it is in a different and special way.

And I think we have succeeded. Read the post until the end because we have prepared something terrifyingly fun :)

The night of a October 31

Halloween is coming and we love it. For its spirit, meaning and above all for the crazy desire to disguise ourselves. A completely magical and terrifying night. In which everyone’s creativity emerges in an incredible way.

From princesses who turn into zombies, to kings who end up possessed by a fantastic character. We have always thought that it is a good way to have fun creating and designing. And it is that at least for one night, almost all of us become true fashion designers. Not only that, but we are able to characterize the most terrible character. Or, on the contrary, turn a terrifying character into a very handsome being.

Costume ideas and jewels to match

Although this year is going to be a different night, we could not ignore it. So we wanted to propose you some simple and homemade ideas so that you can customize your look.

Guardian Angel or Hell

In this case, go for a total black or total White look. Once you have it, design some wings. Instead of doing it with cardboard and glitter, get the Wing Earrings from our collection. Those earrings in the shape of an angel wing that will finish making your look complete. In addition, you can use them daily because they are super cute and easy to combine.

Holster or cowboy

Costumes that favor a lot, if what you want to go is gorgeous. And they go a bit out of the ordinary every Halloween. With the new trend of recent years, the vast majority of us have jackets in our closet. And if not someone gives the family insurance. Good jeans and a knotted shirt will close your look.

Combine it with the Bang Earring, earrings with pistol-shaped beads with which you will surely surprise. Surely no one before was as top on Halloween as your outfit.

Witches everywhere

Yes, it is typical and you can see a lot, but we love the tradition. Why not? Going as a witch and believing yourself one of the Harry Potter clan for one night has always been fun. So get yourself a good hat and don’t forget the broom.

Ah! And above all, combine your costume with the Mini Moon Earrings. They will complete the look and add color to your entire costume.

Trick or treat, a new version

Another reason why we like this celebration so much is because of the traditional “trick or treat”. That moment when children dress up and ask neighbors and friends for candy. We were lucky to be able to experience it in our community, although it is not so typical here. We were so excited!

For this reason, we wanted to give the classic a spin and give it a touch of originality. At Maria Pascual we have created our own game, we have made a version of it and we want you to love it and participate. There is a guaranteed gift!

For days on Instagram you have asked us about promotions, gifts and others … And here it is!

We propose you to play our own trick or treat, exchanging candy for jewelry. With the purchases you make from October 30 at night until November the 2nd, you will enjoy:

  • Free shipping!
  • Surprise gift!

Prepare your list to get the perfect jewelry for your Halloween costume.

We hope you have a wonderful night! And enjoy the new game as much as we do. See you next week!

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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