Tips for Mastering the Look: How to combine your necklaces.

I’m sure you’ll love opening your jewelry box and combining your style with your jewelry. You choose the necklace, the ring, the bracelet… These choices are usually more or less simple, the thing gets complicated when we want to combine several pieces of the same category. Several necklaces, rings or bracelets. Let’s share a guide to combine your necklaces with style. 

In our online shop you can find necklaces of all styles. Long ones, short ones, chain ones, with hanging pieces… We are going to give you some guidelines so that you can combine them. Also, once you choose your favorite combinations will become your bottom of the wardrobe, a safe bet for when you’re rushing and do not feel like innovating

The base necklace, a basic one. Tips for Mastering the Look: How to combine your necklaces.

Undoubtedly, the quintessential bottom of the wardrobe for necklaces are the finite ones. Choose one that is made of chain or thin links. This type of necklace combines perfectly with any other. If it is a bit long it will be perfect to make the rest looks longer.

An ideal choice is “Plain Chain Necklace” or “Boa Chain”.

Create contrasts and textures

We’re going to choose a second necklace now. This one’s a little shorter so you can see each other. They can be the same style or different but have a touch that makes them different. For example, this second necklace can have a different chain, or it can have some detail between the chain like some zircons…

A perfect choice is “Scale Necklace” or “Chain Necklace”

Here’s another tip about hanging Necklace Tips for Mastering the Look: How to combine your necklaces.

If you are going to choose a third option, combine a necklace that has a pendant like a medal or a colored stone.

Choose any Maria Pascual necklace with the length you want

You can now choose the length of all your necklaces. We have launched Extender, an extension that is a thin chain that will allow you to make your necklaces shorter or longer. It has two rings so it is extensible in two sizes: 4.5 cm and 8 cm. Click right here.

Tips and tricks that will change your style

  • Mix colors without fear! Combine a “Crystal” with a “Circle” or a “Pointy”.
  • One style, one theme. Another idea to combine your necklaces, is to choose a theme and choose all the necklaces that revolve around the theme. For example, if you want a Far West look, you can combine a Buffalo with a Palm Tree, a Horseshoe.

You can also mix the Multi Cross with a “Shiny Cross”. Or a Horus with a Nefertiti and a Hieroglyphic or an Amphora

  • Mixes gold, silver and colors. You can make all the combinations you want. Mix materials, textures, colors according to your style…
  • Combine your necklaces with any style.  You don’t need a dizzying neckline or a box neck. Necklaces combine perfectly with high collars, sweatshirts and closed collars.

And as I always say when we share a style guide, match your taste and personality. The important thing is that you choose and that you feel good about your jewelry. If you want to combine 3 necklaces, perfect. If you prefer to combine only two, ideal too. And if you prefer to wear only one, great!

See you next time. 

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