Time to customize your jewelry with MP Charms


The MP team brings you ideas so that you can mix and match, customize your jewelry and make the most of your charms in all your summer plans using the pieces you already have in your jewelry box.

Oh, Charms… After almost 10 years as jewelers, we can say that it has been one of our biggest challenges and an adventure. It has not been an easy task and, in fact, we had been working on them since last November. We are very perfectionistic and, until they were just as we imagined them, we didn’t stop!

What makes our Maria Pascual Charms different is their unique and exclusive Maria Pascual clasp, which allows you to attach them to any of your pieces: chains, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings or earrings… You decide!

They are a revolution for the brand and also in the way of conceiving jewelry. Charms turn you into designers; you have the power to create, experiment, play and combine them until you find your dream jewel. Moreover, there are so many different Charms that it is almost impossible to find the same combination: options are endless!

MP Charms: customize your jewelry!

All the imaginable combinations are valid and there is no single right choice. With Charms, you can experiment without fear of making mistakes: it’s a fun process to express your own style. You can mix & match and come up with the combinations you want according to your style, your personality and the story you want your charms to tell for you.

Still, we want to give you some ideas to inspire you this summer so you can customize your jewelry. As we are sure you have hundreds of plans, we have created a guide with some ideas for combining Charms. Although, we repeat: there is no right formula! The fun part is to let your imagination run wild, experiment and play with them to create unique combinations.

In the first image, Paula is wearing the Milos Bracelet with Charms, the Signet Ring Cube in black, the Snake Ring and the Smiley Ring. In the second image, the Chain Earrings, the Margarita Ring, the Grand Necklace and Charms Maria Pascual.

Vacations at the beach and spending hours at the chiringuito

Oh, the feeling of swimming in the sea in the middle of August… There is nothing like it! We love going to the beach wearing jewelry. There is something magical about the gold of the jewelry reflecting the sunlight and illuminating our skin. Our jewelry can totally get wet as the color remains perfect so you can enjoy your day at the beach with no sweat.

Which charms are perfect for a full day of sun, sand, paella and fun at the beach? The Charms of Capsule 1 “Como un pez en el agua” are inspired by the sea and symbols that remind us of the ocean. We recommend an anklet like the Chain Anklet and combine it with the Coral Charm, the Seashell Charm, the Starfish Charm and the Sea Charm to create a perfect piece that will accompany you on all your beach trips!

In the first image, Paula wears Maria Pascual Charms on the Milos Bracelet, the Chain Necklace and the Chain Earrings. In the second image, she combines her Charms with the Infinity Chain and the Milos Bracelet.

Plans to connect

Summer is the perfect time to gather friends and family to enjoy plans that we don’t usually have time for the rest of the year due to lack of time. Who has time to stop in this frenetic pace of life we lead? Send a message to all those people you are eager to see and propose a picnic in a park, paint pottery or escape for a weekend in to the countryside.

The Charms of the Capsule 1 “Connecting with nature” are delicate and so special that you won’t want to take them off in any of your plans. We are in love with the Double Open Ring with the Flower Charm in any of its pastel colors, or the Grand Necklace with the Bee Charm and the Butterfly Charm. Now you can customize jewelry in a fun and elegant way!

In the first image, Paula wears Maria Pascual Charms in the Chain Bracelet, the Snake Ring, the Daisy Ring, the Signet Ring Cube and the Queen Ring. In the second image, she combines her Charms with the Milos Necklace, the Chain Necklace and the Lace Necklace.

Surviving August in the city

There are summers in which vacations are eagerly expected, and others in which they never seem to arrive. But well, if this is your case… Welcome to the crew! The MP woks non-stop and is more than used to making plans around the city: there are hundreds of them that maybe you had not thought of. Go shopping, to an art exhibition, to a cooking workshop, to an outdoor cinema… Don’t let the heat stop you!

In the city we feel like looking modern and chic, so we always rely on the basics and essentials that never fail us. In summer, as we show more skin, we love layering necklaces and combining them together to show off our necks and collarbones, one of the most attractive parts of the body. Now, with the Charms, with just one chain you can wear a completely different necklace every day. The Charms of Capsule 1 “MP Essentials” are the basics you need to elevate all your looks. Have you always wanted the Multi Cross, the Guadalupe or the Mini Moon? Now you can have them all in Charm format!

Our expert tip? Wear the Scale Necklace with the Cross Charm and the Little Drop Charm for a touch of sparkle, or the Milos Bracelet with the Love Charm, the Moon Charm, the Smiley Face Charm and… you name it!

We hope you have fallen in love with our Charms as much as we have and that they become pieces with which you will tell your story to the world. There are still many to discover with which you can customize jewelry with, and soon we will present Capsule 2. Until then, you can find them all on the web. Our charms, your story.


MP Team.

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