This is how you’ll renew your Charms collection: Amulets have just landed

This fall, give a second life to your basic chains and jewelry with our new Maria Pascual Charms capsule: Amuletos. Ready to let them tell your story?

What is an amulet? An amulet [n.] is an object to which is attributed a magical power capable of bringing luck or benefit to its wearer.

Throughout history, amulets and talismans have been believed to offer protection and good fortune to their wearers in practically every continent and culture. Originally, they might have been worn to prevent or cure illnesses, caused by evil spirits that set their gaze on us (known as Evil Eye). However, this popular belief lost weight as society gained knowledge about science and medicine, so amulets were relegated to an object linked to individual or religious convictions and mere superstitions.

In the first image, the Signet Ring Cube, and the Lace Bracelet combined with Maria Pascual Charms. In the second image, the Oval Chain with the Day and Night Charm.

Egyptians were one of the first ancient civilizations to use amulets. In fact, they believed that they not only had power in life, but that they accompanied them in the afterlife. For that reason, it is common to find them in the bandages of mummies, as they ensured a safe journey to their next life. They used these objects in necklaces, bracelets or rings, and symbols such as the Ankh, the Udjat (Ejiptian eye) or the scarab were common.

Furthermore, Egyptians are one of the cultures that made the most use of gold. Since it didn’t tarnish, it was believed to be a divine material and was known as “the flesh of the gods”. This made this dazzling metal perfect for protecting the body and keeping it intact on its journey to the afterlife.

As a curiosity, there was a time when in some European societies where the Christian religion ruled, the use of amulets was forbidden. They were believed to be a pagan act that undermined faith in God.

In the first image, the Chain Earrings matched with the Day and Night Charm and the Magic Charm. In the second image, the Scale Bracelet with the Dream It Charm, the Key Charm and the Smiley Face Charm.

However, it’s unecessary to look far into the past to find objects that have been attributed magical power. Four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, coins or the use of some precious stones in jewelry are symbolic of the fact that, even in the 21st century, we still believe in the magical power of amulets.

To be frank, at Maria Pascual we are a bit esoteric. We believe that there is magic in the smallest details and that an object can hold power if the wearer attributes it to it as part of their beliefs. You probably have an object that you are very fond of, that brings you luck or comforts you every time you wear it because it reminds you of a special person.

Because we believe in the power of stories and the transfusion of this to jewelry, we have created a capsule of Maria Pascual Charms that intertwines 7 unique Charms with a soul. 7 unique designs, 7 meanings, 7 ways to express your most authentic self. If you are wondering which Charm best suits your story, you just have to ask yourself: what does your inner self ask for?

Charms allow an unprecedented level of personalization. It’ s a way to renew all your pieces with the beginning of the season. Its exclusive Maria Pascual clasp will give you the opportunity to place it on any piece of jewelry in your collection, so you can give a new life to your basic chains, bracelets, anklets or even rings. Do you want to know its meaning?

Dream It Charm, Twilight Charm, Day and Night Charm

Dream it – Luck

11:11 – hour of hope, everything is possible. Time to make a wish. Stop, concentrate and make a wish. A Charm to daydream that encourages us to reach our goals.

Twilight – Change 

Twilight, an illuminated moment of peace after a long day. It invites reflection and marks the end of a stage, change. At dawn, everything turns again. Life gives us an opportunity to start over.

Day and Night – Balance

The duality of the sun and the moon, a classic antithesis. Although they are polar opposites and symbolize the two extremes of nature, together they bring balance and stability.

Hamsa Hand Charm, Key Charm, Life Charm

Hamsa Hand – Protection

A symbol with centuries of history that has accompanied thousands of stories. Protection and hope, a nexus of positive energies and forces that will help you see the bright side of things.

Magic – Strenght

No risk, no magic. A charm that invites you to take the courage to learn and discover. In life you have to get out of your comfort zone: break with your limitations and become the owner of your life.

Key – Freedom

There are no locked doors: will is the key that opens everything. Make your way, forge your path and don’t prevent anyone from limiting your freedom, because the master key is yours.

Life – Beauty

Nature brings balance into all forms of life. Insects evidence the intelligence and wisdom of nature with their symbiotic organization. A charm that pays homage to the beauty and fleeting essence of nature.

With our Charms, you have the power to create, experiment, play and combine them until you find your dream piece. Mix & matching has never been so exciting: what’s the story you want your Charms to tell?

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