The sun always rises

The sun always rises

Happy Thursday, happy week and happy life. Think about it, no matter how hard, very hard the day has been, whether it has been difficult or very difficult, every night the day ends, and a new one begins. 

 In fact, the world never stops, it does not stop and the people who continue, advance and even grow despite the adversities are the ones who really live, enjoy life and get the best reward.

It has been a tough year. I think it can be likened to a war. I am not going to get melodramatic because we all know what we have lived through, but not even in the worst science fiction movie did they come close to the situation.

Besides, we are all aware that many sectors have been affected, but offline businesses in general have been the hardest hit. 

It is clear that not selling in your online business is also hard, but physical businesses have to add the costs of the premises, light, etc… And maintaining stores with all that has fallen has not been easy. 

Unfortunately, many have had to lower the shutter, but today we want to offer support to all those who have managed to survive, to our points of sale.

Congratulations to all of them because from something so big you come out stronger, and we have no doubt that a good year of reaping what has been sown awaits us.

The sun always rises

The pleasure of in-store shopping

Obviously, we know that it is very convenient to buy at the click of a button and receive the package at home. But in-store shopping is also very cool. Let’s say it’s another kind of pleasure, another kind of experience. One would be like an ice cream sundae and the other like a creamy ice cream. Or, like a pizza and a pasta dish. It’s impossible to pick just one.

Shopping in store is always fan

Opening the door after window shopping. Walking in and smelling the fragrance in it. Seeing many beautiful things with an ideal light. To see the person who attends you with a big smile.  To be able to see all the jewelry, touch them, try them on and discuss with the person who advises you which is the best choice.

Open your purse and take out your leather wallet. Look for your card while you think about whether to pay with cash or credit card. Delight in watching her wrap your package and put it in a bag. Take a cute tote bag as a gift. And finally take it and say goodbye. 

All this in a nutshell, but as you can see, it’s an action-packed pleasure.

The sun always rises

Buy in the store and get a “Tote Bag”.

We wanted to give support, backing and encouragement to all our points of sale that have remained standing strong, there, beneath the cannon. And for   we have designed some beautiful “Tote Bags” that we have given to all these beautiful stores* where you can buy your Maria Pascual jewelry.

We always thank you for your support

When you go there to buy your pieces, they will give them to you as a thank you for your support, for choosing the experience of buying in store.

I want to avoid leaving without reminding you with this #link our points of sale and remind you that in Barcelona you can also come to the Showroom and take your “Tote Bag“. 

Finally, you can enjoy in the stores of:

Barcelona, Girona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Salamanca, Santander, Donostia, Canary Islands and recently, we have opened in Bali :)

For any clarifications about any of them, write us :)

Thank you for supporting the local business, the proximity business, and thank you for always being here :)

Points of sale in Spain:

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