The style tricks that confinement has taught us.

Another week we stopped by to share ideas, tips and tricks with you. In this article we want to talk about the style tricks that confinement has taught us. 

The importance of jewelry and accessories

If one thing has become more than clear, it is the importance of jewelry and accessories. A white shirt, a sports shirt, or a blouse accompanied by earrings or a necklace transform the look completely.

It has been a few weeks in which we have had many video calls, meetings and virtual conferences. And in all of them, the key was neither the bag nor the shoes, the great protagonists have been the accessories and jewels. A basic white cotton T-shirt is transformed when you wear a handkerchief knotted around the neck and large rings and earrings.

 Who hasn’t made a video call combining a blouse and jewelry with pajama trouser or sweatpants? :)

Comfort above all 

Yes, it has become obvious to us that we work best when we dress comfortably. I’m not talking about being in pajamas, but jeans, leggings, boyfriend pants and even a pair of sport pants well combined with blouses, shirts and nice jewelry are perfect for the office too.

With jeans and blouses we have used a lot of “Lightning Necklace“. A chain necklace from which hangs a golden ray of zirconia. As you fasten it around your neck you can feel its energy, and these days we have needed it

Kim K. taught us that years ago; the sweatpants, the new must.

It is a very comfortable garment and if you dare and the protocol of your company allows it, it is a perfect and practical way of dressing. But combine it with the appropriate accessories and a touch of makeup. You will see how wonderful it is. We have combined the track suit look with “World Necklace“, this necklace combines very well with any look but this forty has been very significant to wear it.

Calls with friends and family

It hasn’t all been meetings and conferences. There have been many virtual meetings with family, friends, partners, … In those moments when you want to feel beautiful but not too dressed up. Undoubtedly, leggings, oversized t-shirt, ponytail, a touch of blush and our Multi Cross

As we told you a few weeks ago, you can have it again 

Quarantine goes, jewels come 

It’s no news that jewelry is the complement that determines and defines the look. Moreover, thanks to them, we can boost our mood or give it a twist and change it. But what is certain is that during the forties they have gained a super protagonist position that they are not going to lose anymore. We have been able to see and feel how they make us feel good, beautiful, safe and confident. It is clear that jewels are going to continue to be a trend because we can no longer live without them.

Shall I confess my two fetishes for these days? 

Every jewel in our jewelry box is special, but there are some that have a fundamental, indispensable role, or bottom of the closet. Those that when you go rushing, you open the jewelry box and without hesitation your eyes look for them quickly, you don’t need to look in the mirror again to confirm the result, you know it well. You know it’s a safe bet. Mine these days have been these two:

These beautiful earrings in hoop format but not the classic hoop, a more robust, more elegant and slightly oval hoop. It has been present in all the Pure Earrings

This ring has also accompanied me in many meetings and especially in the virtual stays with family and friends. Signet Ring a ring that reminds the seal but oval and combines with a black stone.

In addition, we do not forget diadems, handkerchiefs, hairpins, headbands, …

And you, what style advice have you learned during quarantine and will you continue to practice?

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