The perfect time to shine

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Happy Thursday! Another week we passed by here happy to be able to share some time with you. Thanks to the blog we can tell you about news, surprises… 

It’s time to shine! And I am not telling you this because we are in the month of lights, I am telling you this because there is no better time to do something than this.

Put on your best look, the one that makes you feel the best, rinse with your favorite Maria Pascual pieces, put on your favorite perfume, make up if you feel like it and say I can do anything!

We are surrounded by stones and walls, but the key to everything is inside jewelry online usa

Shine with your identity 

There is no one like you. You are a unique being with your virtues, defects and imperfections. Being clear about this individuality will help you learn to get the best out of it at every moment. But, if we add a bit of shine to the matter, help!

We have a novelty that you will love and will help you to enhance that individuality.

Beautiful earrings in the shape of a gold-plated ring from which hangs a constellation. In it a shiny zirconia gives that ideal touch of light and radiance. Do you remember the precious necklaces of the constellations? I showed them to you a few weeks ago and now they have a partner in the jewelry box :) It is ideal. Choose your zodiac sign or if you are an expert in astrological charts maybe you prefer to wear your ascendant or descendant sign if you identify yourself more with it.

With the jewelry, you want but… shine!shop jewelry online usa

Confess, the black dress in the closet is ideal, the jeans and a white blouse too, but… How do you feel when you risk a little with a garment? Because of its neckline, its color, its fabric, what do you feel strong and confident about? Well, I suggest you do the same with jewelry. Get yourself a super special and unique piece of Maria Pascual to shine this holiday season as you deserve.

I’m going to make it easy for you by making you the list; besides, I only chose earrings (although while I was choosing, the necklaces, bracelets and rings made my eyes) so that you can show them off on video calls too. 

Here it goes 

Leaf Earrings; Heart attack. If you want a special, feminine, unique jewel, don’t hesitate. Some of you have combined them with perfect dresses, but we have also seen them with sweatshirts, half bows and red lips. They are ideal. These pendant earrings are designed based on leaf-shaped zirconia. They are beautiful and connect you directly with nature. 

Glazy Earrings; elegance. They are fine, special and perfect to make you feel good. Besides combining them with round necklines, they also look great with turtlenecks. These dangling earrings are a classic. 

Lightning Earrings; strong, full of energy and shine. In this pair of earrings full of zircons, hangs a ray also full of zircons. It shines like crazy and just by putting it on you feel your energy multiply.The perfect time to shine, shop jewelry online usa

As you can see, you have many ideas to enhance your glow. If you are more of a ring, bracelet or necklace wearer, have a look at the website because there are also full of brightness and light. 

Shine, shine more than ever.

Thanks for being here, see you soon. 


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