The new jewelry holder by Maria Pascual and Hannun

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An exceptional collaboration

Happy Thursday! I wanted to stop by to tell you some great news. Just two days ago a project that has been created over the past few months with lots of love has been born. 

If you already own a piece of Maha by Maria Pascual and Hannun, then you might already know what I am about to say, but I’ll tell you anyway. 

You already know how we like to collaborate with brands and talented people who have an essence, and with whom we know we will connect with and that the result of the project will be beautiful. 

Maha, a limited edition

The first minute with Hannun sparks were flying, we could see his delicate and careful style with such quality. I think it is one of the reasons we have made an excellent team. We both work manually, and we are as concerned about raw materials and the quality of the pieces.

In Maria Pascual, we always look for top quality materials for your jewelry. Hannun works manually with the best woods creating impeccable finishes. You can see it here and of course it is in the shop.

If you’re looking forward to it, don’t wait another minute. Like all things made with love, things take time especially since they are crafted manually. That’s why this is a limited edition and will not be back when they are sold out.

A jewelry holder with great detailMaria_Pascual_Blog_Joyero_Hannun

Maha by Maria Pascual and Hannun is aesthetic, practical, and designed so that you can place it in any corner of the house.

It is made with aged white spruce wood and the details are metallic gold. It has a mirror so that in addition to storing your jewelry, you can enjoy putting them on and choosing them in front of the mirror.

In the store you can find the specific description of the jewelry holder as well as the measurements. The holder can store your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in an aesthetic and orderly manner.

2×1; Decorate your home with your Maha jewelry holder

Thanks to natural wood, the holder has a neutral style and is easy to combine with any decoration style. It is ideal in the bedroom or even in the living room or study. If you want to make it multifunctional as a shelf you put a candle in a decorative way near it.

It is beautiful, and we look forward to seeing it in your home. Please tag us on social media once you’ve  placed it in its special spot! 

Every order gets a special gift of white clover seed paper so that it grows in your home and brings you lots of luck. 

Enjoy your Maria Pascual & Hannun  jewelry holder.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday!

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