The most awaited date of the year is approaching

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Happy Thursday friends! I’m super excited to see how close we are to The Date of the Year and I know you are also looking forward until now.

Let me put you in the picture in case you are a newcomer to the Maria Pascual family :)

There is a date on the calendar when we give it ALL.

We are already a great team carrying Maria Pascual forward to offer you what you like, what you want, what you long for and desire. We prepare each order with care and attention, fulfilling your expectations when the package arrives at your home.

But at the head of this great team is Maria Pascual. MP is not just an acronym or a brand name, it’s a WOMAN with capital letters who makes her dreams come true. To meet impossible launch dates, to turn the craziest ideas into reality and to make MP a pioneer brand in unique design and trendy jewelry. She, at the forefront of everything, managed with a lot of work, effort and sweat, to achieve what we are thanks to you.

So, as you can imagine, the super special date bears her name, Maria Pascual’s birthday. And this year, it’s 33 years old :) 

The most awaited date of the year is approaching

April 19th; a special date twice over

If we are where we are, it is undoubtedly thanks to you, who choose us, who wear each of our designs over and over again. Collection after collection, year after year and counting. And in a blink of an eye, in a blink of an eye in which we have lived a thousand experiences, we are celebrating 10 years as a brand, almost nothing.

So, this year, in addition to celebrating Maria’s birthday as every year in style, we have to celebrate these 10 years.  

The most awaited date of the year is approaching

Schedule yourself on April 19

Schedule yourself well on April 19. The parties need to be prepared with time and you have to extend them as much as possible to enjoy them to the fullest, so from April 19 to 21 there will be a party.

You can imagine that I can’t wait to tell you the details, the surprises, etc, … But I can’t. I’ll ruin the surprise party if I do. I’ll ruin the surprise party if I do. But you can go to your Wishlist and start filling your cart because you won’t want to run out of anything :)

It’s going to be wonderful so get ready. Starting tomorrow, Friday, you’ll be able to know a little more from the spoiler we’ll be releasing.

The most awaited date of the year is approaching

Make a list like you’ve never made before

And it’s not going to be repeated, never. Notice. So make a sensible list and broaden your sights, so you won’t later regret not buying something you should have bought.

Basics; check your jewelry box in case you have to renew basics. Some chain that needs to be replaced because it’s so old. Some lost earring, that bracelet you always get right when you give a gift.

Spring and summer. Take advantage and also get jewelry to wear on the beach this summer. Earrings, rings, etc.

● Jewelry for events. Check your agenda to see what offline and online events you have. Get-togethers, meetings, … And make the selection of jewelry that you are going to wear in them.

● Give a gift. You know that I always invite and encourage you to give gifts. Because everything you give comes back, and the pleasure of brightening someone’s day is priceless. Buy some jewelry and surprise someone.

Stay tuned to the networks, tomorrow on Instagram for more information. We can’t wait to tell you all about it. Thanks for being and following us, today and always :)

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