The latest trend in rings? The seals

And here you’ll find the most beautiful ones. The latest trend in rings? The seals

If you want to wear the most beautiful and trendy rings, keep reading because today we are going to talk about seals. A classic that has been hitting hard and what can’t be missing in your jewelry box this season.

We are already seeing them on all the covers and this jewelry classic has become a must-have. It’s so popular that it’s already being called “the jewel of the season”.

Back to the beginning 2017, they already started to have a great relevance, but right now they are at the top of the stardom.

The history of the seals. 

The origin of the seal goes back to Roman times. In ancient times, it was a symbol of power. The upper classes wore them with their badges, shields and family lineages. Today, the seal has no understanding of gender, status or profession. The seal is a ring for everyone, rappers, pharaohs, men, women.

There’s something for every taste and pocket. My favorite, is “Lion Head Ring” :) 

The perfect seal The latest trend in rings? The seals shop online

What does the perfect seal look like? To belong to this category, the upper part must be wider than the lower part, and it is flat. The flat area of the seal can be rounded, oval, square or rectangular. As for how to choose it, it can be big to wear in the center like the “Delta Ring” or the “Hummingbird Ring”. Or narrower to wear on any of the other fingers.

Of all the types and styles of seals, there are two that are particularly popular:

  • The “midi”, to be worn on half a finger.
  • Thin and minimal to wear on the little finger like this “MP Ring” and this “Midi Eye Ring”

The perfect size The latest trend in rings? The seals

One of the most frequent concerns is choosing the right size. On the web you have the guide of the sizes of the rings. Remember that, if you have not chosen the right size for your ring, we will change it for you at no extra cost. 

Anyway, to make your choice easier, we have created the “ring sizer”, a small meter that you will receive with your ring order so that you can measure your finger properly and choose the right size.

In addition, at Maria Pascual you will find a wide variety of seal sizes so that you can choose which finger to wear it on. As you can see, the hardest part will be choosing just one. 

Get your ring, and by the way, don’t forget to look in your mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry boxes, you might find a jewelry ring worth dusting and wearing :)

Thanks and see you soon. 

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