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Happy Thursday, how are you? We’re happy for two big reasons. The first, to be slowly returning to this new normality and the second… the new arrival of summer!

Today we would like to present you with some news that you will love: news, surprises… And all of this with a great draw

Customize your “Sneakers”Maria Pascual Novelties

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but the new season not only brings warmth and good weather, but it also brings with it that nostalgia of when we were younger. 

The smell of cream stuck to wet skin, the weight of the camp bag, the summer courses, and in the pack, a bit of the nervousness included by the reunion with summer friends and the subsequent reunion with schoolmates. 

Summer is much more than summer for many reasons and that is why we have launched this ideal accessory for your summer shoes. The clips for your shoes and trainers.

The accessories arrive with full-force

We already commented a few days ago that accessories are undoubtedly a new “must have” and that they cannot be missing from any wardrobe. And this accessory that we are going to show you will become a basic in your looks.

This new accessory by Maria Pascual allows you to personalize your laces and give a unique touch of color to your shoes. 

You can choose between the Turkish eye and the bee-shaped one. Combine the clips as you like. Run, see them here.

Have fun mixing, matching and customizing your laces, make a difference in your looks and style.

Maria Pascual NoveltiesMaria Pascual Novelties

Another novelty is the new individual earrings to add some color to the good weather :)

Smiley Face earring: a small ring from which hangs a “smiley face” in turquoise. Ideal to wear those days that you feel more fun and flirtatious. The “Good vibes” of the season.

Swan earring: The swan-shaped pendant in a pale pink shade that will be the best option for those days when you want to feel more feminine and sweet. 

White Star earring: Perfect for those days when you bring out your more rebellious side and feel like being more daring.

Saturn Earring: The combination of gold-plated earring and emerald color makes this earring something completely different and special. Enhance your most mysterious and enigmatic side with this star-shaped earring.

Kiss earring: This red kiss will be great for romantic occasions as well as for occasions when you want to add a bit of rock and roll to your look. 

The funny thing about all these options is that they are super-combinable with any basic earring and with each other. The main thing is that you have fun combining them and finding the ones that suit you best to create your style.

Great Drawing at sightMaria Pascual Novelties

We didn’t want to leave today without announcing the super draw we’re holding. And get ready because it’s a super draw. Unprecedented. You can take home a Maria Pascual jewelry pack worth €840.  Yes, you read it right, I’ll tell you how to participate :)

 This draw will take place on Instagram. You just have to have the public profile, follow @mariapascual and tag two people with whom you would share the earrings.

The prize? €840 in earrings! There will be 3 winners, each taking a pack of individual earrings valued at €280 to share with their friends. 

The earrings in the pack are the ones we introduced to you today in addition to the “Palm Tree Earring” and the “Shiny Planet“. 

You will see the draw published on Tuesday 30th June in the afternoon and the winners will be announced on 5th July. 

Stay tuned and participate!

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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