The jewelry that indicates your mood

Happy day; sunny, rainy, gray, or very hot. It is true and it is determined that the mood is highly identified with time, with the climate. But it has also been determined that our attitude towards external agents and adversities is much stronger than we think. Today we want to offer you a kind of guideline on how specific jewels your mood. The jewelry that indicates your mood

As always when I do a guide, I like to point out that it is just an example to give you ideas. You are always the person who decides what to wear at every moment and all those decisions are valid. Surely the same Maria Pascual jewel is chosen the same day by people with very different moods: happy, sad, others who have a very important and decisive event …

Because, after all, what is truly sincere, real and true is the bond that you create with each of your jewels.

What does the jewel transmit to you?

Surely when you open your jewelry box and quickly pass your eyes over all the pieces, your brain quickly relates each jewel to some sensation, situation or emotion.

It is something magical that the jewels bring us. They are that button that activates in us a lot of memories and experiences.

Do you want to keep your mood or do you want to change it? 

What you ask yourself this question is also key to choosing the jewel that will accompany you throughout the day to get the best out of it.

Imagine that you wake up one bad day. The previous day was tough and you dreamed of resting and disconnecting, but when you got home you had a thousand tasks and you slept fatally. You wake up k.o, wanting to get back into bed. You take a shower, you have a good breakfast, you dress up a little and go to the jeweler. Which jewel do you choose?

  • You can choose that jewel that you know gives you strength and energy for the whole day. The one you feel on your skin at all times. The one you don’t need to look at or touch because you know it’s there.
  • You can choose a fine, soft jewel that makes you feel relaxed without increasing your energy. Because feeling you have a bad day one day is also good. You may want to stay in a more relaxed state without having to assume that you need to lift your spirits.

As you see, everything is valid because it is you who must decide and allow yourself to be in one state or another.

You choose if you want to have a 100% energy day, if you want to flow more on the go or if you deserve a more relaxed day. Allow yourself whatever you want,

Allow yourself to laugh, cry, run, …

I am going to share with you some pieces that I think are a wardrobe for any mood. How each person feels differently, I am not going to link any jewel with a state of mind, I leave that to you;)

I share here 3 precious Maria Pascual jewels that I am sure will accompany you throughout the day and will keep your mood in perfect condition, whatever it may be. 


Asymmetric earrings, who said that the lobe earrings have to be the same? This preciousness in one of the novelties of Maria Pascual. Elegant as well as daring. I can think of several states of mind in which I am going to use them. What do you think?


This pendant bracelet is fun and sweet. I find it ideal for summer evenings and it is very easy to combine. You can find it here.


This is another one of the new arrival bracelets. It also has pendant motifs but being other and totally different colors make it a bracelet with a totally different energy. Do the hanging motifs ring a bell? Well yes, they go with the earrings that I already presented to you. You can combine them together or separately.

I hope this post has helped you. Tell me, in what state of mind would you use each of them?

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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