The future is ungendered

The line between men’s and women’s fashion is becoming increasingly blurred and, hopefully, one day it’ll begin to blur. Culture conditions us, but with the inclusion of new ideals and perspectives we are changing the paradigm towards a model of acceptance and respect. The future is ungendered and so is jewelry. Let’s defend genderless jewelry together.

One morning we woke up to an unexpected message on Instagram from a follower. He contacted us to say that he had always wanted to wear our jewelry, but at the time he didn’t see himself reflected or identified with the type of images we posted on our feed, as they only featured women. And oh my, he was so right!

Honestly, we had never stopped to consider that what we put out on the internet as a brand could have a negative impact on representation and, as a consequence, could become a purchasing barrier. It was a bit of a shock. And not only that: we were not making enough effort to encourage men to wear jewelry, an accessory that, for us, helps you enhance your style and the way you show yourself to the world.

At Maria Pascual, we have always conceived jewelry as genderless, a unisex accessory. In fact, during the design process we try to create pieces that can be part of anyone’s story. However, we realized how easy it is to perpetuate a stereotype in a communication strategy that isn’t well focused. However, we are among those who believe that we learn from every mistake and it is never too late to change our perspective. If men didn’t see themselves represented, what power did we have to encourage them to wear jewelry proudly?

Over the years, we have come to realize that the jewelry industry is very polarized, with most brands making a big difference in gender and, therefore, in the design of their jewelry.

En la primera imagen, la modelo lleva el Grand Necklace, los Heart Hoops y un set de pulseras Maria Pascual. En la segunda, combina el Sacred Necklace con el Hidra Necklace y lo complementa con el Queen Ring, el 3 Stone Ring y el Triple Open Ring.

However, this has not always been the case. The relationship of men and women with jewelry spans over centuries of history and, before the 20th century, this differentiation did not exist. The Egyptians, knights or the high aristocracy had always worn jewelry as a sign of power. But at what point did we allow a gap to develop between women’s and men’s jewelry?

The education we receive from an early age and the cultural codes of the place where we grow up condition us in more aspects than we think. The way we express ourselves, the way we dress, what we should or shouldn’t do…. Culture conditions and decides as a judge dictates sentence and, most of the time, going out of the norm provokes fear of rejection.

Thankfully, we are increasingly seeing a generalized shift in the fashion industry towards a more inclusive and respectful discourse that does not understand stereotypes. The boundaries of masculine and feminine are blurring and, finally, people are starting to claim that the only label a piece should carry is the value of its design.

In addition, the style icons of newer generations, such as the Z, are helping to promote the neutral closet and jewelry as a genderless accessory. And not just chains or signet rings: but pieces typically associated with femininity such as pearl necklaces or diamond chokers.

Why can’t a man wear a pearl necklace over a black turtleneck sweater? Or why can’t a woman decide what to feel beautiful in or simply more comfortable in? These are some of the questions the industry is questioning to break down assumed beliefs.

En la primera imagen, Luis lleva la Evil Eye Earring. En la segunda, combina el Leaf Ring con el Colibrí Ring.

It’s time for men to lose the fear of expressing their personality through jewelry. At Maria Pascual, we want to encourage all our followers, regardless of their gender or identity, to explore the world of jewelry. A laboratory of style in which to experiment, play and explore all the possibilities offered by all pieces.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident when wearing our jewelry. Above all, we hope that they consider it to be something natural that complements their style and their life.

The world of jewelry is dynamic, always changing and reinventing itself. But what should be an immovable premise is that jewelry is for everyone, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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