Happy Thursday! We see each other again this week with great enthusiasm as always and with news J

If you’ve known us for some time, you know that at Maria Pascual we are unconditional
fans of astrology. We have always been interested in everything that revolves around the stars. Not only because of the magic they give off, but because of everything they mean. Scientifically speaking, it is an immense science that is a joy to explore. We are part of the universe and consequently of the constellations, everything is energy and they could not be left out of Maria Pascual

Yes, we are of those who make wishes when we see a shooting star. And of those who wait for hours impatient to see the meteor shower in summer or an eclipse. It is quite a show and we also feel that these phenomena are charged with positive energy. All the stars are linked to the zodiac and we to them.

 Symbols and their personality

The symbols of the zodiac are as much a part of us as our personality. I am not referring to the horoscope column in fashion magazines, I am talking about the influence it has on people, the day, the year and the month we were born. It’s about how the moon was, the tide… all that defines part of who we are and why we are the way we are.

The most representative features of each symbol characterize us and knowing these symbols will make us understand many of our peculiarities.

Dreamers, ambitious, fearful, outgoing, or rather very shy. If you look closely and observe well, you will see that those who share a horoscope have some very similar traits.

The news of the week

Having said that, you sure know where the shots of the news go, what if? J

We present the new collection of the zodiac. They are beautiful necklaces whose medals are engraved with the constellations that symbolize the different signs of the zodiac.

As we have always wanted to reflect that a jewel is always much more than an accessory. Therefore, these jewels represent a part of you.

You can turn them into your amulet, that jewel that always accompanies you and that you feel gives you strength, that gives you energy.

They are beautiful and you will see that they combine with any outfit.

For us, each new collection we launch is special for one reason or another and as you can see, it is very very special.

Combinations that will make you shine

In addition, you can combine them with each other and it is ideal. To do this, you can combine yours with that of another person you love or with your rising sign.

In this new autumn season, combining pieces like these constellation pendants with other types of chains will make your look something unique, special and full of personality.

Add feeling and emotion to your look with the constellation necklaces.

And that is one of the things that most characterizes us as a company. That our jewelry is something special for you is one of our main objectives. Since you will always be our highest priority.

Feel yourself with all these jewels and shine stomping as you well know. Because there is nothing that represents you more than your attitude.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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