Summer, the perfect time to wear jewelry

Tips for wearing jewelry in summer

We are already at the gates of summer and the heat has been lurking for weeks.

Summer is a time that we love for many reasons: heat, terraces, cool clothes, cocktails, but above all it is perfect for wearing jewelry.

Tanning and colored clothes make every bracelet, ring, earring and necklace come alive giving us a fresh and healthy look.

It is so ideal the touch that brings the jewelry in summer that, although it is not the most recommended, we wear them in the pool and on the beach.Summer, the perfect time to wear jewelry

We launched theanklets

Surely you know them, they are ideal and very flattering even some people consider them very feminine and sensual. They wrap your ankle and give it a very stylish and careful touch. In addition, they lengthen and stylize your legs.

You have 5 models to choose from, you can see all the jewelry here.

For its design, Maria Pascual has been inspired by models of emblematic bracelets, has re-versioned to create the anklets. Are super versatile because depending on how you combine them you’ll get one style or another.

Combine them with any look

We are going to give you some ideas so that you can combine them, but mix them without fear, you will see that they accept an infinity of combinations.

Office look; or business meeting look. If you want to get a style, elegant but summery, combine your anklets “Basic Anklet” with an ankle pant, a flat or wedge sandal and a vaporous blouse. 

Look for a drink; if you are going to meet your friends for a walk or a drink, combine a black jumpsuit with a Pamela and a straw bag. Tie your “Cosmos Anklet” anklets with small and fine motifs.  

Look for an event; if you want anklets to match your summer dress, choose the one with the “Little Drop Anklet”,Summer jewelry shop online

Or “Cosmos Anklet”. Depending on the style you want to achieve.

Beach look; whether you want to go to the beach, to sit on a terrace at midday, undoubtedly a perfect look will be the shorts, oversize t-shirt and ankle bracelet with emerald zirconia. The “Pointy Anklet Green”.

Your ankle bracelet for the back of the wardrobe, the “Chain Anklet”. This fine link bracelet will make you feel perfect in any situation.

Tips for wearing jewelry in summer

As you can see, it’s easy to combine them. They look great with any style. Let’s see some tips to make them look good on your ankle.

  •  Pedicure and anklets. Well, both will make you look both. I mean, your pedicure will draw attention to your anklet and vice versa. Always take care of your feet. It’s a question of hygiene, health and beauty, but in summer, we wear them more with sandals, and they must be perfect. You can wear colorful pedicures, a French clean or simply a transparent lacquer.Tips for wearing jewelry in summer
  • Choose clothes that do not hide the bracelet. If you want to wear it, make sure that it is visible. Combine it with shorts, ankle pants, skirts, dresses, overalls…
  • As for the shoes, they are perfect with both high sandals and flat or wedge sandals.

Thanks for being here. 

*For jewelry to look in perfect condition for longer, it is always advisable that these do not come into direct contact with the sun, creams, perfumes and chlorine.

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