Styling tips to wear your jewelry this fall

Trend Alert: The jewels you’ll be seeing this season

Don’t be fooled: not all jewelry works the same, it totally depends on the season. Just as we have two closets (fall/winter and spring/summer), the same goes for jewelry.

This fall/winter 2022 season we are in dramatic time in all aspects of fashion (and, to be honest, life is a little bit chaotic too). It’s understandable: we just came from a couple of gray years and, for a some seasons now, the fashion industry captured the public’s need to take the world by storm again, a latent feeling in many collections of big houses of the last fashion weeks.

That’s why the XL trend, also in jewelry, is making a comeback. Chunky chains, signet rings or extra-long earrings will be your best allies if you want to be on trend this season. However, minimal designs are still going strong, especially for those non-brainer looks in which a couple of essential chains and some classic rings will fix any outfit.

Besides, nightlife is back! It is clear that, now that nightlife has fully reopened and improvised plans are back on our agendas (and often coming without warning), jewelry can save a night out look. Some XL gold hoops, earrings with a glam touch and a plunging neckline to show off chains. Think about it – it’s a killer look.

There are so many jewelry trends this season that whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect piece that suits you flawlessly.

For sportswear lovers

Call it sportswear, call it athleisure or tracksuit for the purists of the language. The fact is that you like to mix purely sporty pieces with unexpected elements such as, for example, gold jewelry. Because, honestly, how many of us would have thought of combining jewelry with a tracksuit before it was considered an acceptable outfit for going out?

In the first image: Dragon Ring, Signet Ring Cube Black, Smiley Ring White and Double Open Ring. In the second image, Sun Ring and Lion Head Ring. Nails by Hello Nails.

For this type of style, it is best not to steal the spotlight from the rest of the pieces, so we would go for a combination of thin and minimal chains and golden earrings. Retro aesthetic necklaces with more personality will help define your style. Go for risky pieces that speak about you, like the Horoscope Necklace and the Sacred Necklace. Boom, head-turning look!

But, if we are talking about rings… Things change! Filling your hands with rings will help to define your aesthetics and your personality, giving you prominence. XL styles, like stamps, may look kitschy when you combine them together, but you know what? Sometimes, more is more!

For the timeless-style stans

We know that color is out of your comfort zone (and even more so in autumn and winter, when the sun doesn’t accompany you). You like pieces with classic cuts like trench coats, blazers and suit pants. And, if you live in a big city (where walking considerable distances in uncomfortable shoes is not an option) you’re sure to add a sporty touch to your looks with sneakers.

In the first image: Maybe Heart Necklace, Little Drop White Necklace, Leaf Ring, Dainty Chain Ring and Keros Ring. In the second image: Queen Ring, Arrow Bangle and Flat Bangle. Nails by Hello Nails.

Gold is the spark that your monochromatic, neutral or dark-colored looks need. Gold necklaces will bring light to even the most basic black sweater, giving you personality and style depending on the jewelry you choose. You can go for many different styles, but what doesn’t disappoint are the signet rings with vibrant colors like the Queen Ring or the Signet Ring Cube.

When cold comes

It’s clear that there comes a time of year when you put on your sweater in October and don’t take it off until April. Your signature pieces are the ones that speak loud and clear of the season, like quilted, teddy or fluffy details. Well, anything that serves as a thermal insulator!

In the first image: Signet Ring Cube Green, Etruscan Ring, Antique Ring. In the second image: Antique Hoops, Stone Earrings White, Shiny Piercing, Leda Ring, Triple Open Ring and Rainbow Ring. Nails by Hello Nails.

If you’ re a fan of turtlenecks, surely you have felt that you could wear necklaces but sometimes these are overwhelmed among so much wool. And it’s necessary to know how to choose jewelry according to the garments we wear. In winter, garments are so monumental that the best way to avoid making a mistake is to complement the jewelry in a discreet way. Therefore, the ideal is to choose special but versatile necklaces and chains.

If you find it too much, you can always give the spotlight to your fingers and fill them with rings. Our favorite combination this season? A signet ring with a vibrant color, one with zirconia and a more classic option to find the balance.

If the anorak eradicates any possibility of wearing necklaces, it’s time to take your earring game to the next level. You can create incredible combinations with piercings, earrings and more unique earrings to give your looks that special touch.

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