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Sometimes your mind is out of this planet and your inspiration is gone. Disappeared. If you have some issues and you can not find the perfect daily outfit, don’t worry. We are here to help you, you’ll shine (promise!) and you will find an insane outfit.

Open your mind, it’s time to mix some clothes. No matter what style do you have, these outfits will poke your heart. Be trendy and fabulous with little tips: go to the office with jeans and your very best blazer; break some hearts with a genius outfit or ride the streets with style (and sneakers). No matter what do you need, these ideas will help you… And don’t forget to mix your jewels.

Office time

Every morning it’s the same story: you stand up in front your closet for hours trying to find the best outfit to go to the office. It’s simple (and stylish): take your best jeans, match them with a blazer and don’t forget your jewels. Easy!

* Maria is wearing star necklace and multi cross necklace.

Cool kid

You have your own style -we get it-, so try to show to the world how cool you can be (and actually you are).

* Gala is wearing byzantine earrings, chain choker, world necklace, drop choker and maybe heart necklace.

Dress to impress

Because you have something special or you just want to impress, sometimes we take our outfit to another level.

* Paula is wearing byzantine earrings and flat circle ring.

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