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A 2020 full of news and surprises

Happy New Year, how have these days of celebrations been? The entire Maria Pascual team wishes you a wonderful holiday season

We are here with you one more Thursday to share great news with you. From January 14 to 18, an event will take place for the first time at the Maria Pascual showroom in Barcelona.

You can attend an exclusive sale in our showroom on Neptú Street, 32 bis in Barcelona, ​​from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm

Take this opportunity to give yourself a gift or to give a gift. You do not need a ticket to attend. I’m going to tell you more …

What will you find?

Special Private Sale Maria PascualWe have prepared this sale with much love and affection. As you know, we make all our jewelry by hand and like all crafts some of them, despite being in almost perfect condition, do not meet the quality standards of Maria Pascual. It can be a little imperfection for example. On many occasions it is almost imperceptible but obviously, it is enough that we cannot offer it at its normal price.

We wanted to have a special week with all of you because we never make discounts. All week we will have these pieces with incredible prices.

It is important that you keep in mind that you will find practically all the pieces that we have on the web. It is not a selection of past collections, but quite the opposite. There will be some pieces that are no longer there and pieces of the new collections.

The incredible prices you will find will be:

√ Pendants 1 unit € 10 and 2 units € 15.

√ Bracelets € 15.

√ Rings € 15.

√ Necklaces € 15.

√ Chains € 20.

In addition, there will be exclusive pieces such as necklaces designed and assembled by Maria Pascual but that are not for sale for only € 30. Samples and bracelets for € 5 and € 10 and Last Chance necklaces for € 20.

Unique opportunity to get these Maria Pascual best-sellers 

 In addition to being able to get many of the Maria Pascual jewelry pieces at a ridiculous price, you can also find some of the most successful Maria Pascual items.

Sky necklace; This design was born from a very personal experience with the aim of being a reminder of your loved ones and of loved ones who are no longer here. Although it is no longer part of the usual stock, you can find it in the private Maria Pascual sale. Its original price was € 45 and now you can have it for only € 15.

Four Round Ring; The best-selling ring. It is one of the Maria Pascual items that is sold out but you can get it for only € 15. It is fine, beautiful and elegant.Maria Pascual Blog Venta Especial Foto 1

Shiny Moon Necklace; This necklace belongs to the Dulceida and Maria Pascual collection. Although its original price is € 58 you can find it for only € 15.

If you have already downloaded the App you get a gift

A few days ago we introduced you to the new Maria Pascual application and we also want to thank you for downloading it. If you have it on your phone we will give you a clip * in the private sale. Download Maria Pascual here. 

We want to see you but keep in mind that there are limited units of jewelry.

I say goodbye another week and as always:

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

* While supplies last. It will be delivered in a black bag, not in the official Maria Pascual packaging.

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