Special looks for Christmas

Special looks for Christmas shop online jewelry usa

Happy Thursday! I was looking forward to this post. We are already at the gates of Christmas and now it’s time to get serious. It’s an incredible moment, and it’s not worth repeating. Maybe a little repetition is acceptable for kings, but holiday looks have to be unique and special. We’ve taken the three most popular parties to prepare the complete styles.

This year is special; I think we all have mixed feelings. The nostalgia, present every year to close the stage and start a new year, but this time, with the desire to say goodbye to 2020 and embrace a 2021 full of wonderful things. Why, at the end of the day, make 2021 a much more difficult year than this one… it is difficult! Special looks for Christmas shop online jewelry usa

So let’s go for the looks ☺

By the way, Christmas is still Christmas, nobody can change that, it is not worth staying in pajamas, nor argue, who is going to see me? Get dressed and get ready for you. Put your best dishes, even if you choose to eat toast, porcelain dishes taste better.
Also, let’s not forget the calls and virtual meetings we can organize, so we can have dinner and eat with the family, although not at the same table ☺
To the mess!

Christmas Eve; a night of gifts, family and friends.

The night of the 24th is a combo of family and friends, some celebrate at home, some go out and some choose to have dinner at home and go out afterwards. Undoubtedly, the perfect look is comfortable, feminine and elegant. We propose a dress combined with boots. Another perfect option is a pair of skinny pants with boots that you can combine with a relaxed T-shirt or a sequin top.
For make-up, a good red lipstick or eyeliner is ideal. You can also choose a half up hairstyle that leaves some hair loose and some tufts up thanks to hairpins. As for the jewelry, combine your style with Grand Necklace. Remember that the clasp of this necklace is beautiful and you can put it in front of you to make it visible and show it off.Special looks for Christmas shop online jewelry usa

Christmas; family and long table

Undoubtedly, Christmas Day is a day to be with your family. The look is rather comfortable and elegant. A perfect option is to choose an ankle-length pant with loafers and an oversized sweatshirt. Jeans with a blouse or shirt also work great. For make-ups, as one chooses something nude. A little mascara, a neutral lipstick and perfume yourself well. The perfect jewel to accompany you on Christmas is Drops necklace. This necklace is fine and elegant and will look great with any look you choose.

New Year’s Eve; say goodbye and embrace stage

What to say about tonight. A night to get dressed up, to give everything, to choose the best look, sometimes almost a month in advance. Undoubtedly, it’s the night we take risks with our looks. A dress, a long skirt with a blouse, or a pair of palazzo pants full of glitter or  velvet.
As for the make-up, whatever you want! A super smoky eye, a very glowy make-up. And as a jewel, we propose Maybe Necklace. A fine chain with a heart shaped medal, on it, you can read “May be” Because everything is possible ☺Special looks for Christmas shop online jewelry usa

I hope that these ideas have helped you, but above all that these holidays you choose despite everything, to enjoy, have fun and look good.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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