Sky Necklace, much more than a jewel

Happy Thursday!

Today we bring you a very special post. As we have always tried to convey to you, for Maria Pascual jewelry is more than just accessories to add to our outfits.

In this case we relaunch one of the most significant pieces of the brand. Both for its meaning and its design.


SKY NECKLACE much more than a jewel

This necklace was launched at the time in tribute to Xavi, the father of Maria and Carla. He left us two years ago and for the whole team, he was a very special person. It was lucky to have him in our lives.

Xavi was a kind, honest and well loved man. He was the soul of the company, and his death was a very hard blow for everyone, especially for Maria and Carla. In fact, from that moment on, the dynamics of Maria Pascual changed forever.

At last it reappears again and is here to stay. It is a perfect complement for any occasion full of love and light.


It represents a lot…

The necklace represents that star that we all have in the sky as a symbol of the loss of a loved one.

Many times we believe that jewelry is only used to add a different touch to our look or to honor a beautiful moment. But as we have already mentioned before, for us a jewel is much more than just that. It is a symbol, a memory, a feeling.

It is knowing that what you are wearing is with you at all times and is part of you. Their emotional charge can be as strong as the bonds we establish with our loved ones throughout our lives.

For this reason, we have thought it appropriate to re-launch this piece, which we not only want to be special for us. If not, you can enjoy these energies too.


There are experiences that change you

The vast majority of the time we strive to remember only those moments that have made us smile. When we should take into account those we try to hide, the ones we call bad memories.

But not because of the memory itself, but because of the people or moments that come to mind when we remember them. That part that did make you smile and even made you shed a few tears but it was just as special.

The experiences that we live and that hurt us make us stronger in every way. Both what does us good, and what does not, is part of us and will make us who we are today.


Feeling makes you who you are

Feelings, whatever they are, are sometimes scary. Because everything that makes us happy, at some point or another can hurt us. But what would this world be without feelings?

The beauty of the relationships we build throughout our lives, without a doubt, are the feelings they provoke in us. The emotions that emerge from them. From the lumps in the throat, to the tickling in the stomach.

It really seems like something completely physical and yet it is what we do not see that causes it.

We hope that although it has transmitted some nostalgia to you, you will remember everything that made you happy one day and now only when you remember it still causes you to smile.

And don’t forget it


If you need me, you can always find me in the sky


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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