Happy Thursday, it is true that the good things are long in coming, that we thought or doubted that they would never arrive, but ladies and gentlemen, the state of alarm has been lifted! And we must celebrate it. I am not kidding, I am one of those who thought that we were going to be in this situation for ever and ever, but no, we are not. 

While this difficult, long and hard lethargy has lasted, we have been hopeful, encouraged and confident, and now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we believe that it will also be a historic date.

But I have not come to remember the hardness of all that we have lived, we have already chewed it enough, I have come to accompany you to look forward. We are in mid-spring and seeing the face of summer, the state of alarm is lifted and with it many restrictions, as we can now go out to eat “Tapas” at night on the terraces. Tanned skin from the first powerful and summery rays of sun, I don’t know about you, but it sounds I-DE-AL to me.

Let’s go by parts because I’m so excited that I feel like when I come shopping with a good bag and I want to wear everything but at the same time. At the same time. All at once. Well, no. “Piano, piano”. 

As I’m sure you will also read many plans and things to do I wanted to focus on YOU. On your lists and plans so that this “rentrée” to society is in style.


Prepare your outfits

Of course! As we have done all our lives, but as lately fair social life seems to have been forgotten, it may even sound frivolous, but nothing like that. Choose the looks and clothes that you want to wear in your upcoming events.

The expected family meals, dinners and outings with friends, even a getaway (always of course as far as you are allowed according to your autonomous community :) )

I help you a little. Flowing dresses in cowboy boots and cardigan, jeans, comfortable blouses, if you have joined the fashion of oversize tracksuit, welcome too. Sweatshirts, bell-bottoms, blazers…


Wear your jewelry on you

Throughout the confinement, jewelry has played a fundamental role. They have been the accessory that gave that personal and unique touch to your looks. Teleworking, Zoom meetings, WhatsApp video calls, … They were there, and we know that they have been the key to keep your mood high and give you that push as a crutch.

But you have to admit that jewelry in person wins. They blend with your personality, the smell of your perfume, your cream, the way you move your hands and make bracelets and earrings sway. That swaying makes the jewelry in person, come alive. It’s time to go through the jewelry box clean and take out rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, … and choose the ones you want to wear at every event. Take advantage and get the pieces you are missing. Maybe you miss a pinky ring or a cartilage earring.

Whist List of events

You don’t have to go all out, I know, but I advise you to make a list of all the things you want to do and the people you want to see. You might have to think hard to remember all the people you said to more than a year ago “when this is all over, let’s meet up”.

Write down all your favorite restaurants and cafés and all the family and friends you truly must see. We’ve already done the “essentials” and now it’s time to broaden our horizons and take care of all the people we love.

Ankles in the air

They are here, our anklets are back. Whichever more ideal, thin, elegant, feminine, … 

Ankles are beautiful, but enhanced with Maria Pascual anklets they are something else, especially in summer. Get yours here. (link to anklets)


Give a jewel as a gift 

The first thing is you, you have to take care of yourself and pamper yourself. Give yourself, please yourself and pamper yourself, but you know that I love to give someone a gift “just because”. 

I’m not talking about birthdays, anniversaries, dates on the calendar, … I’m talking about carrying a little box of Maria Pascual in your purse and surprising a friend you haven’t seen for a thousand years, your grandmother, mother, … Whoever. Seeing her face of happiness, surprise and amazement will be incredible.

Most importantly, enjoy this small breakthrough that brings us a little closer to normality and above all, with head, always following the recommendations. 

Thanks for being here,

See you next Thursday :)

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