Personal Shopper Tips: How to combine your jewelry with clothing. 

 Happy day, today we are going to talk about how to combine your jewelry and clothing. Often, we find ourselves in an internal debate when we have to choose the jewels that will accompany our look.Personal Shopper Tips: How to combine your jewelry with clothing. 

Before starting, I must point out that you should feel totally free when choosing your combinations. The rules of style are to be broken and the important thing is that you feel beautiful, safe and well. That is why we are not going to give you some combination “rules” but rather tricks and ideas to help you make your decisions.

Type of event and role you play in it.

When you are thinking about styling for an event, be it a wedding, a family meal, a dinner with friends or a work event, you should keep in mind what role you play in it. In a wedding, for example, the bride is the one who clearly has the leading role. 

Having this clear is not relevant to dress and enjoy yourself in a more or less exaggerated way but according to the situation. That will make you feel comfortable. It has happened to all of us at some time, sinning from being too well groomed or, on the contrary, too flustered in a situation and that can make you uncomfortable.

Does the jewel accompany or is it the protagonist?Does the jewel accompany or is it the protagonist

When you think about styling, you should think of it as a whole, a whole. Clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup …

Normally, there is one of these aspects that is the clear protagonist.

It may be that you are clear from the first minute the dress you want to wear and all other aspects will revolve around it. That is, they will have to harmoniously combine with it.

On the contrary, you may have some beautiful and large striking earrings that you know will be the protagonists. Or maybe a spectacular necklace. In this case, the other aspects will have to rotate around them so that it combines everything.

Extreme look or elegant look?

Years ago, there was always talk of choosing a protagonist and the rest should be left in the background. For example, in makeup, a smoky eye should not be combined with a red lip. Today, anything goes, to your liking! That if you must bear in mind that if you choose several elements of your look as protagonists, your appearance will be striking. Whereas if you highlight only one, your appearance will be finer and will go more unnoticed.Personal Shopper Tips: How to combine your jewelry with clothing. 

Let’s see a clear example; We can combine a dress of scandal and heels with a fine jewel that accompanies the look without exceeding in prominence. While if you choose some huge, striking and special jewelry, you can choose a sober look like jeans with a white shirt or a total black dress. With this you would get a fine and harmonious combination

On the contrary, if you fancy an extreme and risky image you can choose several striking elements such as daring styling and striking jewelry.

Here, in Maria Pascual’s shop, you will find endless spectacular jewelry designs so you can choose the ones that best suit your style and situation.

Maria Pascual is in constant movement to get inspired and always create unique and pioneering designs for you to enjoy.

The most important thing in each situation is that you feel good, you choose. I hope these tips have helped you make decisions for your next looks.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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