Happy Thursday! How is the week going? We, really with all the energy projected in raising awareness of breast cancer.

Although this disease has no date on the calendar, this month is the month of breast cancer par excellence.

October breast cancer awareness month

As many of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wish it were not like that because the disease did not exist. But knowing that there are many who suffer from it, we must fight together.

It is true, more and more and thanks to all of us, real progress has been made. Her research is getting deeper and deeper, and knowing and obtaining the most information is the key to curing it and stopping it in time. Getting the most studies and projects is essential to understand the disease in depth and be able to treat it in the best possible way.

7 out of 10 women have suffered from the disease or have had someone close to it. For this reason, something that for us is one of the most essential points is emotional support. We believe that it is equally or more important to be by the side of all those women who suffer from it.

New initiative from Maria Pascual

If you know us well, you know the importance we give to charitable causes at Maria Pascual. From the MPFights bracelets to all the projects that we can cover. Our jewelry has always been more than a gem. We create and design symbols by and for you. And we couldn’t let this particular month go unnoticed.

This time, we wanted to support the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC). It is a non-profit organization made up of patients families and volunteers. Something that really caught our attention. Since we believe that an association formed by those who suffer from the disease could not be more real. All of them, better than anyone else will allocate the money where it is most useful and necessary.

Between October 15 and 18, we will donate 3€ for each order made in Maria Pascual. So if you make purchases these days you know, you will be allocating 3€ to the AECC.

On other occasions we had already looked for the best option as an association to be able to donate, but after evaluating, we know that we have chosen well.

We know first-hand that they use resources responsibly. In addition to being an unconditional support to all those who need it most.

News Week

With all this, obviously, we wanted to launch some news this week. And we always want to go a little further. So with this new campaign, we didn’t want to be left behind. And creating new designs that were consistent was not an option.

We present three different pieces which we believe could not fit better. We have made a necklace and two rings that could be combined with each other or with other pieces that you have in the jeweler. They are as follows:

María Pascual Queen Necklace Black: It is a gold-plated chain with a bead combining black and gold. They are two colors that cannot be combined better, and also the hooks are incredible. They are different and give off incredible strength.

María Pascual Queen Ring Black: The ring that combines the classic with the most rocker. Her gold braids and black centerpiece are a combination that leaves no puppet with a head. It will complement any basic look by giving it a very top roll.

María Pascual Smiley Ring Black: The last piece of the novelties could not be other than a smiley ring. A “happy face” is the perfect complement to feel vitality. Starting the day smiling has always been one of the best premises to have a great day.

Proud of our community

 What we wanted you to know is that if we can carry out these campaigns it is thanks to you. Without your trust and love for the brand none of this would be possible. So without a doubt, we only have to give you a THANK YOU in capital letters. We are truly grateful to be a part of something so special.

To have been able to form something so great was unimaginable. And every day, we become more aware of how real and beautiful it is. We are not only a brand or a team behind a lot of work, we are much more than that. A community of incredible women willing to help others.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)



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