New release: The solidarity bracelet against cancer.

A company socially committed, 

We, Maria Pascual team, are working from home and in the warehouse, we follow a very strict protocol so you can keep buying your favorite jewelry online.

Do you remember the solidarity project we told you about a few weeks ago? It started with the bracelet against gender violence and now we want to join another significant cause: Cancer.

How we take part

We are pleased to announce that  #MPFight Cancer, the solidarity bracelet against cancer, is now on sale. So, you can now get this beautiful mustard yellow thread bracelet.

When we started to define the causes we wanted to collaborate with, we were clear that we wanted this to be one of the causes with which we could show our solidarity. New release: The solidarity bracelet against cancer.

Unfortunately,  Cancer has a major impact on society. In one way or another it has “touched” many families, if not almost all. Practically everyone has a family member or friend who has gone through or is going through it.

Thanks to the contribution, with the entire collection obtained from this bracelet we will be able to participate and help in the well-being of all those who are facing this disease and for their families to feel supported and backed up. 

What association have we chosen to donate?

What association have we chosen to donate?As had been anticipated, we have chosen with great care and affection the associations with which we collaborate. As you know, the entire collection goes to the chosen associations, and we have always sought total transparency so that the money really reaches the people who need it. You can rest assured that your money will be in the right hands.  

The Association to which all the benefits will go is the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

The funds will go to the programs of attention to the patients and their relatives, so that they have a better quality of life during the processes of hospitalization and while they receive treatment

It’s time to show solidarity. bracelet against gender violence

How you take part

I guess there is no specific time to be, we should always try to help by doing what we can. But now, more than ever, we must come together. This situation that we are all living, has united us and given us solidarity. Maybe you have thought about how you can help, but you are not excellent at sewing masks. Take advantage and help people who suffer from cancer to prevent them from getting sick. As you know, these people, due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy have very low defenses becoming very vulnerable people.

Don’t wait any longer, get your own, It’s easy to get involved.

Let’s fight! Together!

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