Happy Thursday! How is the week going? We are full of news and many changes.

A different point of view

Since we started with María Pascual, we have remained firm in one aspect.

Hear you, see you, feel you. The line that we have defined to design has always been the one that allows us to be faithful to our values and that at the same time allows you to be yourself.

You, you and you, each and every one of you are the representatives of Maria Pascual jewelry, the best models.

For some time now, we had many ideas in our heads and we had to bring them to light.

We have always been and we are in favor of diversity, social inclusion and free love. But for us, it comes naturally so we didn’t feel like we should talk about it or bring it up. In short, we were not expressing it in any way. And if you know us well, you know that something we give special importance to is showing what we are. Our jewels have always been not only accessories worked by and for you. They have also been symbols that carry a bit of us.

It was then that we wanted to change the image of the new campaign a bit. And we couldn’t be more excited! We love the photos, the tones and the intention that is shown in them. The truth is, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

News WeekPlane Earring by Maria Pascual

This week we release new pieces. And it could not be more successful. With new airs in Maria Pascual the pieces inspired by aviation also arrive. Once again, we want to evoke that trip you made with your family, friends or partner. May it become the memory of that adventure that you do not want and should never forget. Without a doubt, designed for you. They are three pieces, two pendants and a perfect earring to add to your jewelry box:

Maria Pascual Link Necklace: It is the finest chain in the collection. Gold-plated and discreet for any occasion. It will give that different touch to your outfit. And it will highlight your neck.

Maria Pascual Plane Necklace: A chain with a trinket in the shape of an airplane. Surely it will bring to your memory many memories of your travels, you will want to always carry it with you. Taking it with you will make you start living something new every day.

Maria Pascual Plane Earring: The matching earring that in addition to being super cute, is fun. Change the roll of your ears a bit and become a real adventurer.


We are not different, we are unique

There is nothing more special than being yourself. Because although we may be alike in many ways, it is that part of us that makes us unique.

And it is that for a long time, they have tried to instill in us that what is different is not good. But we strongly disagree. In fact, we feel completely different. When we started the project we were almost girls that few people bet on. But we were faithful to our inspiration and put many hours into it. These are the details that make the difference.

We have become women with María Pascual and we cannot be more proud of all our work. For this reason, we trust diversity, inclusion and free love. It is the people who dare to think differently who make us grow as a society.

If you are afraid to make a change, do it without hesitation! Great situations appear in the face of great adversity. Or at least in the face of fear or resentment that it could go wrong. We want our jewelry to represent that. Let them be a tool to make you feel empowered and want to eat the world. If we can be a part of something like that, our work will have been worth it.


Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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