Necklaces for long dresses: our styling tips


The combination of necklaces with long dresses is a perfect match. If you haven’t dared to try it yet, it will steal your heart! In today’s article, we’ll show you how to wear necklaces with long dresses and our styling tips.

Long dresses in summer are infallible garments that don’t get old. We have seen them in hundreds of shapes, styles and combined in infinite ways. They are versatile pieces, no-brainers that can solve any outfit. If you still don’t have that long dress that fits any occasion, what are you waiting for?

Although they can be worn in autumn and winter, the truth is that we mainly associate them with the summer months. An outfit with a long dress in the middle of July or August has something magnetic and irresistible. Sometimes, the heat blocks the imagination and the desire to make an effort to create different looks with the pieces in our closet. Basically, motivation kind of fades away.

At Maria Pascual, we are avowed fans of this piece. This article is a love letter we write to long dresses in all their shapes and colors. In this guide, you will discover how to combine our jewelry and necklaces for long dresses anfd our styling tips to find your own style.

As a long dress is usually the key piece of the outfit and ends up taking all the spotlight, we believe that our ideas to make the most of it with our jewelry will help you experiment and find your winning formula.

In the image, Paula is wearing the Milos Bracelet, the Lace Bracelet, the Vintage Love Ring and the Signet Ring Cube in different colors.

The look: A long printed ethnic-inspired dress with a plunging neckline perfect for layering necklaces and chains. This type of look is what we would wear on a beach vacation. However, it also works at the office if you combine it with more city-friendly accessories.

With printed dresses it is easy to make styling mistakes. If it is the star of the show, we should choose more minimal or simple necklaces that complement and do not overshadow the rest of the look. If you are looking for a chameleonic necklace that goes with the boho aesthetic, the Moon Necklace is an icon of the brand, it never fails and looks great worn on the neckline!

In order to layer necklaces like an expert, we recommend combining them in order according to the size and presence of each necklace. Remember that there is no right formula. A tip? We like to wear the most minimal one first and the biggest and eye-catching one closer to the neckline.

For instance, a great combination that would work perfectly would be to start with a simple one like the Forza Necklace. This can be followed by the Chain Necklace as a transition piece and finished off with a more special necklace. Our favorites? The Horoscope Necklace to bring your own personality to the look or the Shark Tooth Necklace for a more island and summery option.

In addition, the best thing about a printed dress is that we can play with vibrant colors without fear of getting lost. Dare with statement rings like the Signet Ring Cube or go for more dainty options like the Star Ring, a must-have basic in your collection!

In the picture, Paula wears the Chain Choker styled with Maria Pascual Charms.

The look: A long rustic dress with flowers and romantic necklaces. We have seen it a thousand times, but the truth is that this type of dress never goes out of fashion because it can be adapted to any type of person by varying the colors and details of the piece. We bet it was probably one of the prints we ever trusted on!

It can be styled in many ways, but our favorite is following the aesthetics of the garment itself with romantic-inspired jewelry and accessories such as a raffia bag and strappy sandals.

As for the selection of jewelry, following the layering rules, we would opt for pieces from the Collage Vintage collection, such as the Vintage Heart Necklace that you can combine with the Little Drop Necklace in any of its colors to avoid stealing too much attention from the key piece.

In the first image, Paula wears the Chain Necklace with Maria Pascual Charms. In the second image, she pairs her Charms with the Venus Chain.

The look: A long minimal dress in neutral tones. It can be your blank canvas on which your jewelry will stand out. The charm of these dresses, whether black, white or nude, lies in their absolute simplicity: so simple, they are flawless. Although it is the least risky option, it offers hundreds of possibilities. Thus, you will be sure to get the most out of the dress with all the combinations you can come up with.

For a classic look, you can always opt for infallible basics. But if you like to take risks, our favorite option is to let the jewelry shine and go crazy experimenting with Charms. Yes, a long, neutral dress is one of the best allies of jewelry. It’s (almost) impossible to look like a Christmas tree, even if you’re going crazy with jewelry. We are jewelry lovers, so according to us you can never have enough of them!

Pick your favorite chain, like the Chain Necklace, and pair it with MP Charms for a unique and unrepeatable look that speaks of you. The best thing about Charms? They offer endless possibilities for mix & matching, and since there are no written rules about them, you can let your imagination run wild and experiment until you find a piece that defines you.

Styling jewelry is not a science: it’s a fun process of experimentation, discovery and self-knowledge. When you know what you want to express about yourself and the story you want your jewelry to tell, everything falls into place.

We want our jewelry to give you confidence so you can be yourself, unique and one-of-a-kind. Because only with style and confidence you will make a difference. And now all you have to do is take your long dresses out of the closet and let your imagination run wild. We encourage you find your necklaces for long dresses and to implement our styling tips.

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