#MPFights Plastic The solidarity bracelet against plastic

Happy Thursday! :) Continuing with the solidarity project that we have been carrying out for some time; We launched a new solidarity bracelet. And it is for a cause that undoubtedly deserves it: the fight against plastic.#MPFights Plastic The solidarity bracelet against plastic

We are super excited to tell you that we finally launched the #MPFights plastic bracelet, the solidarity bracelet against plastic. In addition, we have chosen the color that symbolizes it. It is blue thread, perfect to use this summer.

As we know, the pollution and destruction that has been going on for many years due to plastic is truly alarming. It is one of the products that is dirtying our oceans and seas the most, as well as the fauna that inhabits them.

On many occasions, the solution is not in our hands, but in this case, we believe that it is something that we can really participate in and solve day by day. Also, remember that every little bit counts.

With the full collection obtained from the sale of the bracelet, we can help contribute to the well-being of the planet and, consequently, also to our own benefit.

They have always come from life, now it is up to us to save them.

The association that we have decided to support

All the associations we choose to support are those that really stand in solidarity and work with the cause. That all proceeds arrive in full and are adequate.

In this case we wanted to support the cause of the European Environment Association (EPA). All the proceeds from the sale of our Maria Pascual plastic bracelet will go to them.

As we have previously mentioned, its program is intended to curb plastic pollution of the seas and oceans and save all possible species that are affected by this same reason.

You can get it right here.

We can only be grateful#MPFights Plastic The solidarity bracelet against plastic

Although we are living a time of changes in the lifestyle that we knew, we have been able to see how all the goodness, generosity and commitment on your part continues to come to light.

We want to thank you for the extreme solidarity we have experienced with each solidarity bracelet thanks to you. Being aware of all these causes, situations and moments that happen makes us feel proud and happy of what we have achieved and what you have achieved day by day with us.

For a community that does not shrink from threats and fights for what it believes is important, all our work is worth it.

Remember, that for purchases over €50, we continue giving away the aluminum bottle “No excuse for single use”. So, you can take it everywhere and fill it without using plastic :)

We are in this together

Let’s Fight!

#MPFights Plastic The solidarity bracelet against plasticAh! Before leaving, I wanted to tell you that for a week, your jewelry will arrive in 100% combo envelopes. These are made with material of plant origin, specifically corn starch.
They are biodegradable and are recycled as organic fertilizer without causing any harm to the environment.

We are doing everything possible so that Maria Pascual does not generate any negative impact on the environment.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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