#MPFights discover our Solidarity Bracelets.

#MPFights Maria Pascual and Solidarity Bracelets.

Happy Thursday

Even though we have been releasing information about highly desirable items and promotions, today with have another topic to bring to you. This time we are not announcing a launch or the promotion of items that have been asked for, rather we are reporting on something that goes beyond our jewelry items; the Solidarity Bracelets by Maria Pascual.

A Personal Project #MPFights Maria Pascual and Solidarity Bracelets.

We are excited to share this project that we are launching with the mission of helping others. Not only were we wanted, but we are needed to help. Today we live in a world where despite having many wonderful things, there is also a dark side that needs aid. 

Both Maria Pascual and Carla have felt and decided that it was the ideal time to make a difference and help to collaborate in these types of causes.

Where to help financially?

Financial help is very necessary, but often, the question is whom to trust? We also had that doubt and after thinking about it and investigating, we decided to launch the Maria Pascual Solidarity Bracelets.

These delicate bracelets have beautiful thread, and they resemble those we used to wear in childhood, which you can combine perfectly with any piece of jewelry. In addition, they have the Maria Pascual logo bathed in gold.

We have thought very hard on which associations to donate all the money raised, and we will disclose this information with you so that you are aware of where your money will be distributed. 

4 Solidarity Bracelets for 4 causes#MPFights Maria Pascual and Solidarity Bracelets.

There are so many causes to which money can be contributed, but we have chosen 4 with hopes that you and I can add some light to this world. 

While brainstorming what causes we would be donating to, we thought about what issues are the most relevant today. We wanted to pick things that touch each one of us. We believe that when you see the causes we have chosen, you can relate to at least one of them.  

  • Solidarity Bracelet against cancer; mustard color.
  • Solidarity Bracelet against animal abuse; the color beige.
  • Solidarity Bracelet against plastic; the color blue.
  • Solidarity Bracelet against gender violence; the color pink.

All benefits will go to the associations 


It is important to know that all benefits will go to associations listed above. Each bracelet will be linked to an NGO so you will know who you are donating your money to. We believe in these issues that transparency is essential.

Each bracelet will cost €10 and all the money raised will go to these causes.

We thought this beautiful bracelet project was an excellent way to take advantage of our platform and the visibility that Maria Pascual has.

As Eduardo Galeano says; “Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.”

We are looking forward to the release and telling you more about them.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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