#MPFights for animal rights The solidarity bracelet against animal abuse

Happy Thursday! :) #MPFights for animal rights The solidarity bracelet against animal abuse

We continue with our solidarity project, and today, Thursday, July 23, we launch a new solidarity bracelet. This case touches us very closely and that is why we have done it with great affection.

We are pleased to tell you that we finally launched the #MPFights for animal rights bracelet, the solidarity bracelet against animal abuse. A new beige colored thread bracelet perfect to wear any time of the year.

After being knowledgeable about data such as the abandonment of more than 138,000 dogs and cats in our country alone, we have to admit that it hurts. Just like mistreatment and its exploitation.

Not only that, we have not seen a better time than this to get down to work. As a consequence of the de-escalation and the situation in which we find ourselves, the abandonment has multiplied. Although the health officials explained that they were not carriers of the Covid-19, it did not do much good.

We love animals. We want to do our bit and protect them as much as possible. For this reason, we believed that it was one of the causes that we should carry out.

With the proceeds from the sale of the bracelet, we can help contribute to your well-being and protection against abuses such as those that are suffering.

They are always there to take care of us, offer us special moments and even protect us. We have to fight for them.

The chosen association #MPFights for animal rights The solidarity bracelet against animal abuse

From the beginning, we have always wanted to find the most suitable associations for each case. We want all the collection to arrive in an understandable manner and being adequate.

For this reason, we wanted to support the cause of the Foundation for the Advice and Action for the Defense of Animals (FAADA). Everything that we collect from all with the sale of our bracelet against animal abuse, will go to them.

The aim of your cause is to preserve the care and well-being of our little ones. Its main activity is to sponsor, adopt and rescue wild and companion animals in situations of abuse. Promoting respect for animals in the social, legal and educational fields are its strengths.

When we learned about their values and the cause of achieving a world where animal rights are respected and guaranteed, we saw that there was no better option.

Get her!

Being aware right now is essential #MPFights for animal rights The solidarity bracelet against animal abuse

We know first-hand how difficult this year is. Not only for everything lives, from confinement to incalculable deaths. Also, on an emotional level.

Sometimes we do not produce its importance in our lives. They can make us smile at any time, have a good time playing together and even take a walk.

We are in time to change things!

To all this, I do not want to leave without thanking you for your support. All our work is rewarded only by the fact that I feel sheltered. As we have mentioned in previous #MPFights, becoming aware of these causes makes us feel proud of what we have created together. What you have achieved day by day with us is priceless.

Do not miss it, and do not forget, we are together in all!

Let’s Fight!

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