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Happy Thursday! How are you We are super busy, but above all with millions of things to tell you. So we hope we can express it all in today’s article and that you enjoy it. Here we go!

The new advent calendar of Maria Pascualalt="MP-Christmas-Box"

For a few years we have been thinking … We have lived since we were little that calendar of chocolates that we liked so much. Little by little, we got older but that illusion of opening a small window for a few days a year did not give up. So we started to see new ideas and tips to create your own surprises and this is how we started with this idea.

Like everything we do, we strive to do original things that have the stamp of Maria Pascual.

Make a difference and be completely exclusive. For this reason, we have created for the first time a super advent calendar with no more and no less than 12 surprises. It has from jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets to other accessories. In addition, the content is uniquely designed so each box is LIMITED EDITION. That is, all those who dare to buy it, you will have exclusive pieces from our collection.

Beautiful inside and out

Those of you who know us best will know first-hand that we are very aware of recycling and waste. That is why we have not skimped on the design. We wanted to give a slightly different approach to Christmas. That can be used later and throughout the year as a decoration of your room or creating a new space in it for you. There is no excuse for single use.

In order to achieve this, we have carried out a collaboration with Carlos Toledo (@t_diary). Since we started our project years ago, we met and connected from minute one. We love his illustrations and working with him, in fact, we already consider him a great friend. There was no better option than him to launch this new proposal. We have no doubt that you will fall in love as much as we do!

The piece that ties it all togetheralt="MP-Christmas-Box"

Obviously, we cannot and do not want to reveal anything. Since we love surprises and more that you live them with us. But there is something that connects all the pieces of the calendar. And is that each one of them contains a diamond that unites the entire collection. As we have already mentioned, we wanted it to be special and for this we needed a shaft that would unite everything.

They are the ideal accessories for any occasion. In addition to making you shine even more with your own light. The final touch to any of the moments you have yet to live. Even so, we want to clarify that they are pieces very thought for you. Simple, comfortable and special.

GOLDEN TICKET at sightalt="MP-Christmas-Box"

We could not forget to tell you that… One of the calendars has a hidden GOLDEN TICKET. Yeah, as you’re hearing, doing a little Remember a Charlie. We have decided to give away a 300€ voucher to be able to spend whenever you want at Maria Pascual. Are you freaking out like us?

To all this, add that we wanted to put a super accessible price so that you can get it. Its real value is € 350 and it can be yours for only € 150. Do not miss out!

A detail to our most VIP community

This idea, in addition to arising from the upcoming dates, we have created especially for you. Yes, you who read us from day one, what do you do with each new item we launch, who follow us closely on Instagram. The one who gets excited every time she sees an exclusive offer or something new to come out. We wanted to have a detail with you, because if there is something that we are clear about is that without you, we would not be what we are today.

Thanks to you and your way of being, you have supported us and pushed us to create true wonders. With strength, hard work and above all enthusiasm. You have made us never lose it, and that is priceless. You deserve it.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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