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Designed by Maria Pascual and Axier Espinosa

Happy Thursday, after 8 months of many ideas, inspiration, and work, Maria Pascual’s new watch the Moonphase is now for sale. 

It is an indescribable feeling that a project that started with many ideas written on notebooks, spoken on audios, and speaking with supplies among many other things, has finally materialized itself.  

We want to present to you the beautiful watch that Maria Pascual has created in a manner that it deserves. 

This item is so versatile that it is perfect for men and for women. In addition to being so versatile, it is unique because the phases of the moon are reflected in it. Keep reading and I will tell you more ☺ Moonphase Watch by Maria Pascual

An unprecedented clock

This item does not look like anything you’ve ever know or seen. 

The goal here was to create a unique watch, fine but resistant, unique but perfect for every day, and above all; that captured the essence of Maria Pascual. 

The basis of the inspiration for the creation of the Moonphase Watch was born from the fusion of ideas by Maria Pascual and Axier Espinosa.

Maria Pascual had in her head many memories of her father’s watch; an exceptional watch that helped define and inspire what she wanted to capture and create with this watch.

On the other hand, designer Axier Espinosa wanted this watch to bear the seal of the Mediterranean. Barcelona provided inspiration to create this marvelous watch. 

Axier Espinosa also kept in mind the high-end classic watches he has seen in the past, but also wanted to make sure that his ideas and design did not pay tribute to any well-known brand watches, or to create anything similar to them. 

Maria Pascual Moonphase Watch details

Moonphase Watch by Maria Pascual

The watch represents 100% of Maria Pascual. Special attention has been paid to each detail, small and large.

The Moonphase Watch combines gold and stainless steel, something that Maria Pascual was clear about having in the design. However, it was a slightly risky decision since combing both those materials has never really worked. 

The hour numbers are represented with a beautiful zirconia, 12 in total. The strap is black, no doubt the color of elegance. It also has a beautiful braid. It is very light, versatile, flexible and waterproof. The perlón comes from Germany and the preparation is made in Barcelona where the buckle is sewn manually. This material dries quickly and offers incredible comfort. It is very resistant but light.

Both Maria Pascual and Axier Espinosa  wanted the strap to be comfortable and easily adapt to each wrist and created with the best quality. The buckle is gold-plated and it features the signature of Maria Pascual.

The Bisel is a diamond crown that resembles a saddle ring. 

Thanks to the innovative addiction of the blue luminaire clock hands, you can see the time even when it is dark. 

The Moonphase Watch is a waterproof and submersible watch; You can do all your daily routines with it on.

The crystal is mineral and is not scratched or cracked.

As you can see, it is a very resistant watch designed mindfully to be worn throughout the day.

The moon phases Maria Pascual Blog Moonphase Watch Foto 3

If there is something that represents Maria Pascual well, it is undoubtedly the moon and its phases therefor it could not miss its presence on the clock.

The energy of the moon and its phases directly affect who we are and how we act. All living beings are connected with this lunar energy. Energy to empower, to calm, to guide and to help us achieve our purposes.

The moon and its phases have a presence on Maria Pascual’s watch. Also, what better connection than linking the moon to the watch and that helps us manage time.

The moon appears at the bottom of the Moonphase Watch; It changes with the hours and days which indicates the full, waning, growing and new moon.

For him and for herMaria Pascual Blog Moonphase Watch Foto 4

Another aspect that makes us proud of the watch is that it is unisex and can be worn by men and women. Something we were not sure was achievable, was achieved. It is thin, elegant, versatile, stylish to be worn on male and female wrists. 

Discreet and elegant, it defines you as a person.

Some unique features of the Moonphase Watch

There are many details that make this watch unique, different, and special. Some of them are:

√ Rugged watch. Gold and steel plated case.

√ Diamond crown.

√ The diamond as a bevel.

√ Fixed bezel with polished gold finish.

√ Sphere with moon phase window at 6 o’clock.

√ Pearly white dial.

√ 12 zircons.

√ Pencil type needles of blue luminaire. Visible in the dark.

√ Its caliber is a Miyota quartz with a moon phase from Japan. Known for its accuracy and reliability.

√ Strap in black blight of nylon with an interlocking design like Perlón. 

√ Buckle sewn manually and gold-plated.

√ Mineral crystal, does not break.

Limited unitsMaria Pascual Blog Moonphase Watch Foto 5

There are a limited number of these watches. For us, it is essential to know your opinion. We are very proud and happy with the result and hope you like it as much as we do. In that case, we will bring to you even more news in the future.

The first prototype carries a mint gum.

After so many hours of working together, we wanted to know an anecdote about the creation of the clock. Axier Espinosa, tells me that the first prototype had no caliber inside, so the hands of the hours and minutes began turning like crazy. I took a photograph of the prototype with the needles in the position of 10 and 10 but the hands just kept moving around. I disassembled it and pasted the gum inside the caliber to block them. Now we can say that the first prototype of the Moonphase has a mint bubble gum inside.

If you want to have your Moonphase Watch already click here.

We hope you love it like we do. I say goodbye another week and as always: Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday 

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