Month of love and culture

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Happy Thursday friends, as you know Maria Pascual lives in the heart of Barcelona. And although we are from “Around the Word” because we love to travel, other cultures, and you buy us from many places in the world, our beloved Barcelona is magic!

For many reasons, but today I come to talk about a typical holiday that is beautiful. The day of Sant Jordi. I don’t want to tell you the story again because you can find it in the blog. In addition, you can google it and see the origins. But I do want to tell you what it symbolizes.

buy jewelry online, Month of love and culture

It is a day dedicated to the love of culture and art. 

Love can be shown in a thousand ways every day, but the symbol chosen for this day are roses. Roses in all their versions. Perfumed flowers, chocolates, jewelry, … And hence the art. Every year new versions of this emblematic and precious flower appear. 

You can find our roses in necklace, ring, clicking here

Every April 23rd, in the heart of Barcelona, hundreds of stalls gather to sell roses of all colors and shapes. The smell, the color and the number of people buying flowers is emblematic and unique. At the moment we cannot join to stroll through these mythical streets overflowing with people, but we can buy roses and books.

buy jewelry online, Month of love and culture

Giving the gift of knowledge

And how nice to unite love with knowledge and is that in addition to roses of love we give books. Culture, knowledge and empowerment in book form. Self-help, biographies, recipes, novels, sports? Anything goes! You just have to think about the person you are going to give and choose.

Let’s give you some ideas with books. These are best-selling books.

Elisabet Benavent. “El arte de engañar al karma” A love novel and much more. Surely, you know this remarkable writer who has taken one of her books to the screen.

Tony Robbins, a self-help classic. This American has guided the most relevant people in the world. Any of his books is gold. 

The Little Prince” is still among the top ten bestsellers. It is a classic that should not be missing on any bookshelf. In it, we learn to see the world and relationships with different eyes.

Javier Castillo with “El juego del alma” a disturbing fiction thriller.

Ana Albiol, “V.I.D.A.” professional makeup artist who leaves her brushes to find meaning in her life. She moves to Bali where she shares all kinds of experiences and experiences. A motivational book of self-knowledge and self-improvement.

Risto Mejide “El chisme” His latest and most recent publication.

You can also get recipe books

For the lesser readers choose books with photographs or with beautiful illustrations. Stories, comics, …

You can also give books of sudokus, word search puzzles, …

You can also choose books of your favorite influencers like: “La guía de estilo” by Dulceida, “Botas de colores para días de lluvia” by Maria de Jaime or “La vida es una verbena” lucia Be.

Give love, give culture :)

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday.

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