Mom, this is for you

Happy Thursday friends; another Thursday that I stop by to chat with you. We say goodbye to April and hello to May. Summer is getting closer and closer, but for now, let’s keep enjoying the spring that we still have left :) This Sunday is Mother’s Day, blessed mothers!

And to pay tribute to them and to pay tribute to you, we have launched this beautiful ring in which you can read the word “mom”. Gold-plated and with a pair of zircons full of life, light and life, like mothers. We will have very limited units so if you want to get it, make your reservation here.

It is ideal to wear it alone or to combine it with other rings.

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A little of history.

The origin of this celebration dates back to Ancient Greece. It is celebrated in honor of mothers in much of the world. As a curious fact, we know that although in each country it is celebrated in different days and months, it is celebrated in practically all countries. Spain, Norway, Nigeria, Brazil, Brazil, Chile, …

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Cool gifts to accompany the ring and that will cost you zero or very little.

I think we all relate the word “mom” with many nice feelings, but also with a lot of physical and mental burdens. Children, work, home, and a long etcetera that goes along with motherly tasks. So undoubtedly, a gift that she will like for sure is that you take some work and burden off her shoulders, how?

Give her some time for herself; if she has small children, offer to babysit even if it is only for an hour or two so that she can take advantage of it to run errands or stay at home in self-care mode.

Help her with some household chores; offer to be in charge of making lunch, dinner, cleaning some rooms, …

Give her time together; here you have endless options. From a movie at home with ice cream and sweets to going out together for a drink, a walk, a spa, a movie, …

Gift card; this can contain something material like “voucher for a manicure” or an experience like “voucher for a massage”, “an afternoon together”. Remember that you also have our gift cards, so she can choose what she wants.

Give her your talent as a gift; yes, that thing you are so good at, unfortunately in many occasions it has nothing to do with what you do for a living. Make her a nice picture with your paintings, sew her something, give her a photo, give her some homemade pastries, …

Surprise him with a good breakfast; Who doesn’t love a good movie breakfast? With pancakes, fruit, orange juice, cheese, scones… Yummy! Make it for him or have it sent to him.

Flowers; their favorite. They never fail

buy jewelry online, Mom, this is for you

Write her a letter

It is a precious and beautiful detail that she will surely keep with love and affection. Write it in your handwriting, not on a computer.

Surprise a mom

We usually focus only on our mothers, which is great, but it is also a good idea to give and pamper a mom we have close to us. A friend who has just become a mother, that aunt who is like a mother, a co-worker, …. Any mom! Give her a tray of croquettes, and you’ll make her happy for sure.

Have a wonderful Sunday and to those of us who have mom on earth, enjoy it. Because they don’t last forever :)

See you next Thursday, thanks for being here.

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