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Happy Thursday, how’s your week going? We have been here with lots of work and are happy to see you at Maria Pascual showroom.

If you missed last week’s post, I’ll remind you that throughout the month of March, if you come to the showroom to buy jewelry, you will get a Maria Pascual bracelet as a gift. It is valued at more than €20. *

We are in Barcelona :) Do not miss this unique opportunity.

Combine, mix and alternate your earrings Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 1

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but spring and summer seem like two ideal seasons to look outstanding. It is an especially great time to be wearing earrings because they feel so good and match so perfectly with everything.

Maria Pascual has been creating individual earrings so that you can use and combine them as you wish. Have fun mixing, and remember that diversity brings authenticity.

The 3 newcomers 

Here I present to you these 3 individual gold-plated earrings for you to make your unique and special combinations. Remember that you can remove the pendant and just use the hoop by itself. This means you have two earring styles in one :) Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 3

Coin Earring; A small but sturdy hoop from which a coin hangs. It is a perfect earring for any look because you can get a sophisticated touch or an urban style while wearing it.

Twist Love Earring; From this gold-plated ring hangs a braided heart that holds the word LOVE. This piece is perfect for the days when you feel sweet and you feel like presenting your most feminine side.

Rocket Earring; This piece is fun for hipsters. This hoop holds a colorful rocket and has many styles. It is daring and combines very well with the previous two. This will become your real must-have! Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 2

Forget buying pairs of equal earrings, get several individual models and dare to create a design of your own.

Thank you! 

Before saying goodbye, we have to thank you for your involvement in the solidarity project.

The first solidarity bracelet against gender violence has had incredible results. More than 150 bracelets have already been sold and the benefits will go to the Ana Bella Foundation. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for each of your contributions.Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 4

If you want to get yours and contribute you can add it to your cart here.

The next cause and its corresponding solidarity bracelet will be against cancer. This piece is a mustard-tone thread bracelet that you can buy starting April 7.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

* purchases over (€50) € / while supplies last

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