Merry Christmas Eve and happy holidays

2020 holiday christmas jewelry gifts

Some people consider that the perfect day to wish happy holidays is the December holiday. Spaniards usually do this when the mega mall “El Corte Inglés” puts up its Christmas lights. But undoubtedly today, a few hours before the first Christmas party starts, is a good time. :)

We are just a few days away from saying goodbye to one of the most difficult years we have all lived. We feel like burying 2020 like a curse, as if January 1, 2021, will be magic, suddenly, with glitter and unicorns. But, no, we know it won’t. We still have a few difficult months ahead of us, but the good thing is that these 10 months (which is said to be soon) have already served to get us used to it a little. So, what’s left to come won’t catch up with us again.

But between you and me, who wants to return to normalcy, to real normality, not that new reality that is talked about so much? Merry Christmas Eve and happy holidays, 2020 holiday christmas jewelry gifts

Thank you, but the most sincere….

And now yes, we have to make a pause to thank you from the bottom of our hearts as you have behaved.

And I say the most sincere, not because on other occasions they have not been. You are always there, and we are grateful for the way you support us in every launch, every solidarity project, every crazy novelty we embark on, and we always thank you from the bottom of our hearts, but this time it has been too much.

Not that without you this would not be possible, but thanks to you, this is still possible.

Without you and your support, perhaps we would have had to pull down the blind as many others have done. Without you, we might not have been able to keep some jobs and the whole team. 

This year, we had many projects and launches ahead of us that have gone bust, but so what? Here we are! Here we are and here you are. 

Despite the number of businesses that have closed and the number of people that are unemployed and other thousand stories. Despite all those people who are no longer here because the COVID-19 has taken them away, despite everything you have experienced, you have continued to choose our pieces, the Maria Pascual jewels, from many options.2020 holiday christmas jewelry gifts

How to enjoy Christmas, but really

I’m not going to make you a list of looks, nor what plans you can make because I’m sure you’ve read a thousand. I’m going to share what I think we should all really do to enjoy in general, and especially, this different Christmas.

 In other words, be grateful in the morning for everything you have, be grateful for having opened your eyes so that you can continue to enjoy another day.

Firstly, share.

Anything. Even if a piece of clothing with your sister.


If you have spoken or treated someone badly, apologize. It’s a wonderful feeling to do so. More for the one who apologizes than for the one who receives the apology.

Say, thank you.

From the person who brings your coffee to the table to the person who holds the door for you.

Give and give yourself something.

It is a great pleasure to give to whomever you want. The classics never fail. A jewel, some chocolates or some flowers.

Enjoy your free time. Yes, enjoy it, we are so busy filling our time with millions of things, that sometimes when we have some time for ourselves we don’t know what to do or how to take advantage of it. Treat yourself to a bath, a breakfast, an afternoon of baking, a series on the sofa…2020 holiday christmas jewelry gifts

By the way, and speaking of series. The series “El Cid” has recently been released on Amazon, for which we have made a special jewel: Urraca Necklace, in homage to the “Urraca of Zamora” that is now available on the web. You can also see it in the editorial starring the actress “Alicia Sanz” on the cover of “Cosmopolitan” magazine in January, already on the newsstands.

That said, enjoy this holiday season a lot, but for real. Certainly, happy holidays from all the Maria Pascual team. 

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