Happy Thursday girls! Today yes yes, we arrive with news. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Since the pandemic began, masks appeared. They became the main source of protection against Covid 19. Before we hardly knew that they existed, we saw them in doctors and in some people who protected themselves from pollution. Now they are one more complement that we cannot and should not forget when leaving home.

You know, that in Maria Pascual we are fast. Always thinking about how we can help or contribute.

We were thinking about making the use of the mask something not only necessary but practical, comfortable and beautiful, et… voilà! We’ve done it.

I give you a clue. It goes with everything and is perfect for any situation. And as is obvious the jewels should be an important part of creation. Jewelry and mask? I tell you.

You can now wear your mask hanging while you are not wearing it with the Maria Pascual necklaces.

Mask Chains, the latest trend

 Combine your mask with your necklace. This becomes a necklace and holds a mask. Practical, comfortable and beautiful.

To design them, we have based ourselves on 3 models that we know you will love.

Multi Hearts Mask Chain: This is one of our most romantic designs. It is a very fine chain bathed in gold, with little heart beads that adorn it. We love it because it is discreet but with a different touch. Less is more.

Scale Mask Chain: And we love the elegance it exudes. Although her image is somewhat more cane, it gives a very different style to whoever wears it. Sometimes it is not necessary to use a thousand colors to stand out with a complement. The proof of this is made with Boa Mask Chain.

Lace Mask Chain: When we talk about Lace Mask, it evokes simplicity. It’s a classic gold-plated braid, perfect for any occasion. If you like the chains a little more showy but without being extravagant, this is your best option. And it is that the classic never goes out of style.

Exclusive masks with WildDreamers

In addition to the news that I just presented, I want to tell you about an incredible collaboration that we have done with WildDreamers to surprise you with a gift.

For each Mask Chain you purchase, we will give you an exclusive mask of our own design. They will be tie-dye style models in shades of pink and pastel blue. The combination is brutal. And we are waiting for them with a lot of desire to be able to do all with one.

In addition, we know the importance of the mask. Not only does it have to be beautiful, but what we wanted to achieve is that it be comfortable and protect properly. For this reason, a design has been manufactured with an approved filter that can be washed up to 300 times at a temperature of between 40º and 60º. Being viscose, they are very cool and do not overwhelm anything at all.


As you already know, one of our main objectives at Maria Pascual is to take care of our planet. We want to promote the importance of the consideration that we must have with our environment. In this case, we have not found a better way than to find a mask that is reusable and that damages the environment as little as possible.

Also, we have not only taken into account the materials with which we have worked, but it is also a lower expense for you. It is the moment to bet on what is good, beautiful and at a good price. May it last and protect both you and those around you.

And we only have to thank both the WildDreamers brand and you for continuing to bet on Maria Pascual. We love being able to collaborate with brands that are worth it and that you show off everything that we strive to design.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday And remember, protect yourself and your loved ones.


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