Evil Eye Earring by Maria Pascual
Don’t stop us now, we are having such a great time launching new items EVERY-SINGLE-WEEK. Earrings, necklaces, rings or bangles come together just with one purpose: make you shine as nobody does. In this occasion the iconic evil eye it comes in a necklace and earrings version, with a charm full of color. Are you ready?

Make a difference

Heart Poker Earrings by Maria Pascual

Heart poker earrings. You are the Queen of Hearts (and maybe a Drama Queen too), that is why you need these earrings to be your good-luck charm.

Poker Earrings by Maria Pascual

Poker earrings. Are you ready to play a killer poker hand? With the Maria Pascual Poker Earrings you’ll always keep an ace under your sleeve! The Maria Pascual Poker Earrings pack includes two mini hoops and four different charms that you can pop in and out as you like (or even gift them to your mother, sister or best friend!).

White Stone Earrings by Maria Pascual

Evil eye earring. We’ll be watching your back 24/7 with this iconic Evil Eye Earring encrusted with shimmering stones. Did you know this is an ancient symbol said to bring protection and good luck to its wearer? This item is sold individually.

Rainbow Earcuff by Maria Pascual

Rainbow earcuff. Shaped to fit around the top or middle of your lobe, the Rainbow Ear Cuff features seven multicolored zirconia stones. This absolute favorite of us is a trendy piece that looks cool layered with everything, from studs to hoops, and it’s perfect for those who love a stacked look but don’t have a ton of piercings.

Sleek Earrings by Maria Pascual

Sleek earrings. The Maria Pascual’s octogonal version of the classic hoop earrings is cooler than anyone else’s. And this minimal pair with clean lines is lightweight enough to wear all day long with just about any outfit!

Evil Eye Necklace by Maria Pascual

Evil Eye necklace. The Evil Eye necklace is encrusted with white and blue zirconia stones that represents fortune and protection. Also, gifting this to someone close is a lovely way to say how much you care for them.

Crystal Choker by Maria Pascual

Crystal Choker. If you love our Glazy Necklaces, you are gonna freak over the exquisite Maria Pascual Crystal Choker! A standout piece you can either wear at an upcoming party, festival or wedding, or just every day, to give your casual outfits a glamorous touch.

Poker Necklace by Maria Pascual

Poker Necklace. Ace in the hole! With this necklace you will read everyone’s poker face!

Locket Pendant Necklace by Maria Pascual

Locket pendant necklace. This vintage-style necklace features an oval-shaped engraved locket pendant inspired by an old fashion medallion that’ll allow you to carry a special memory close to your heart.

Stones Bracelet by Maria Pascual

Stones bracelet. Feel like British royalty with this bracelet. Three stones (two of them in red and the middle one in green) will add a splash of color to your day.

Stone Ring by Maria Pascual

Stones ring. If you are bold, brave and you ain’t afraid of nothing this ring is made for you: three stones (two of them in red and the middle one in green) will make the difference.

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