Maria Pascual Jewelry
So this is happening: this week we launched our new arrivals (yay!). Your jewelry collection will ‘grow’ thanks to Maria Pascual (instead your bank account will feel sorry, #SorryNotSorry). Are you ready to see all the new cuties?

Welcome home, honey!

In total we added 5 new necklaces and 2 new rings to our collection. The most difficult thing right now to do is chose between them. Can you decide? We can’t, for real! All of them are stunning and perfect to wear together (or with the other pieces that you already have).

Maria Pascual Jewelry

* Small cross necklace. Less is more and this cross is perfect to wear it 24/7. You won’t get tired of it.

Maria Pascual Jewelry

* Multi stone necklace. Shine bright and keep it classy with our new multi stone necklace.

Maria Pascual Jewelry

* Moon fase necklace. Feel the magic of the moon with this beautiful necklace.

* Guadalupe necklace. In Guadalupe we trust. We felt in love with her and we know that you will too.

Maria Pascual Jewelry

* Fries necklace. We’re not lying: we prefer fries before guys… And we are not alone. This is our best-seller (bible!).

Maria Pascual Jewelry

* Double chain ring. Double trouble with this amazing ring.

Maria Pascual Jewelry

* 3 star ring. We love stars… Haven’t you notice it?

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