Maria Pascual is looking for the right brand ambassador

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Happy Thursday friends, today I bring great news for Maria Pascual’s fans, but I already tell you that it is not any jewelry or any product.

Every jewel we design is created and thought by and for you; it is true that our jewels represent us, and we are faithful to our criteria and style, but in each creation there is a little piece of you.

We have been designing for years and we both know very well what we like and what you like.  

Today we are launching a new program that you will love, we want to get to know you and your account! How you relate to it to know if you are a good representative of Maria Pascual. And is that we are looking for beautiful Instagram accounts of beautiful people who want to be ambassadors of our jewelry, our brand Maria Pascual.

You know better than anyone how our pieces are, the quality, the design so no one better than you to show them and present them.

Maria Pascual is looking for the right brand ambassador

Do you know who we have worked with?

If you follow us for a long time and know the brand you know that we have worked with great influencers like “Dulceida” and “Sara” from @collagevintage among others, but we are not just looking for big accounts, we are looking for you.

The greatness of micro influencers

You might be thinking that if we’ve worked and continue to work with the big ones, we’re not interested in your account, but that’s not the case.

We are looking for the people behind the accounts of those of you who buy from us, follow us, love the brand and would like to share the jewelry on networks, among all the noise and fuss on Instagram. Yes, we’re looking for you.

How do I know if it can be me?

The requirements are simple, you must follow us and have a beautiful account aligned with Maria Pascual’s style. We don’t ask for a minimum number of followers, but that the account and the person go in line with Maria Pascual. I have no doubt that there are many of you who meet the requirements, so sign up! Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate, what have you got to lose, nothing. Nothing. And if your account is chosen, you will get Maria Pascual jewelry as a gift. 

We are looking for personality, style and good taste, it can be you!

Real people willing to communicate and share impressions and enthusiasm with Maria Pascual. 

Maria Pascual is looking for the right brand ambassador

Gift jewelry and discounts

Yes, as a good representative, you will enjoy gift jewelry to show and show in networks as well as a 10% discount to share with your followers and followers. 

How do I sign up to the ambassador program?

Easy, here you have a link where you can sign up for us to review your account. Above all, remember that your profile must be open, and you must follow us. The information we ask you to provide is very few and simple, be sure to fill it out carefully so that all the information is correct, and we can find you :)

Maria Pascual is looking for the right brand ambassador

And after filling in the form?

We will review all the accounts with care and affection to see which ones are the best match for the brand. If you are one of the selected people we will contact you via email. Keep this in mind, as we will not contact you through other channels.

Run to sign up here :)

Best of luck

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