You will need something new, something red and a lot of good wishes… We are ready to say goodbye to 2017 and have the best (and warm) welcome to 2018. This year it’s going to be amazing, we wish to spend more good memories by your side.

It’s incredible how fast time passes and finally we are here again (one more time). Today we’re celebrating new years eve, and we want to make a little throw back to this 2017.

A lot of new pieces (don’t stop me now)

We are completely in love with the whole new pieces of our collections. You can make more combos, wear them alone or trying to make the difference matching different jewels. We are glad to show you every month new little pieces to feed up your jewelry box.

* Paula is wearing classy necklace, star necklace and rainbow necklace burgundy.

* Paula is wearing byzantine earrings, chain choker, classy necklace, vendimia necklace and lace necklace.

New faces of 2017

We love your pictures with our designs, and this year it’s been quite busy with a lot of new faces wearing all of them.

* Jessica is wearing chain choker, maybe heart necklace and multi cross necklace.

* Negin is wearing japanese coin necklace.

* Julie is wearing gold horn necklace and seal ring black.

* Maria is wearing multi cross necklace and Cross Necklace.

* Laura is wearing multi cross necklace, Moon Necklace and aries necklace.

* Aida is wearing Long Necklace, maybe heart necklace, multi cross necklace and Small Gold Horn Necklace.


Necesitarás algo nuevo, algo rojo y los mejores deseos… Estamos listas para decir ¡adiós! al 2017 y dar la mejor bienvenida al 2018. Este año será alucinante y deseamos pasar muy buenos momentos a tu lado.

Es increíble cómo de rápido pasa el tiempo y finalmente (y sin saber cómo) aquí estamos de nuevo. Hoy celebramos el año nuevo y queremos hacer un pequeño repaso de lo que ha sido este 2017.

Nuevas piezas (que el ritmo no pare)

Estamos completamente enamoradas de todas y cada una de las nuevas colecciones. Puedes crear nuevos combos, lucir las piezas a solas o hacer distintas parejas con todos tus collares. Nos flipa mostraros cada mes nuevas piezas para incrementar y alimentar tu colección particular.

* Paula is wearing earcuff earring, flower earring white, cross earrings, maybe heart necklace, mini moon necklace, saturn necklace turquoise, classy ring pink, arrow bangle and dots bangle.

* Paula is wearing chain choker, dainty necklace, drop choker and rainbow necklace.

Los nuevos rostros de este 2017

Nos encanta ver vuestras fotografías con nuestras joyas, y este año ha sido un poco movidito con muchísimas nuevas chicas (y chicos) con todos los nuevos modelos.

* Maria is wearing Cross Necklace.

* Julie is wearing gold horn necklace.

* Jessica is wearing chain choker, maybe heart necklace and multi cross necklace.

* Teresa is wearing Shark Tooth Necklace and multi cross necklace.

* Laura is wearing multi cross necklace.

* Negin is wearing japanese coin necklace.

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