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Saying goodbye to 2019 and embracing 2020

Another year comes and goes, and with it are happy and sad moments, some that fly by and others where time stands still. 

Every year is full of thousands of things, some good and others not so good but without a doubt for Maria Pascual 2019 has been a special year in all aspects. 

Maria Pascual 2019 Maria Pascual Jewels and Accessories Special is neither good nor bad, it is special, thus memorable. 

The year began badly, but like everything in life, things gradually began improving. 

They say that nothing bad last forever, and eventually positive things will come your way. Sometimes in the moment we don’t know the positive things until we look at them from a different perspective. 

And little by little, 2019 was improving. No doubt an important part of this improvement was you. Each and every one of you pushed us to continue, to create, to grow, and because of that we left our comfort zone again to do what we do best: innovate.

It has been a year full of introspection that has led us to make many changes and improvements both personally and professionally. Some of them you will see here.

Great projects of 2019

It has been a year full of launches including the Dulceida  collection, the Maria Pascual watch, the Travel case, the Maria Pascual app, and weekly news. We are very happy and satisfied with all the work this year and of course the new outlets. ☺ 

2020 We are ready!

This 2020 will be the result of everything lived and learned in 2019. If you know our style, you can already imagine all the thousand ideas we got in store for 2020. 

There are things that require a lot of work and logistics and we will be implementing them little by little.

The objectives are:

√ Recycle. Maria Pascual Jewels and Accessories

 2019 has brought us a great connection with the essence of who we are and without a doubt that process connects us with the earth. We cannot look the other way without contributing our grain of sand. Soon I will tell you more about the internal changes that Maria Pascual is making.

√ Expand and cross the puddle.

There are many  from far away who ask us for our collection to be sold.  I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that if you have a nice store and are interested in being a point of sale, write us.

√ Many new products 

Another of the decisions we made in 2019 was to create pieces according to inspiration not following trends and temporary collections. Among the following, we will soon introduce you to the solidarity bracelets.

√ Outlet.

I look forward to telling you more about this. I hope I can do it very soon

We hope and wish you had a 2019 full of magical moments and that the less magical have helped you get and see other wonderful things.

I say goodbye another week and as always:

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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