#MPFights Domingo Solidario

Did you know that soup kitchens close on Sundays? For the homeless, that means a day they spend without a decent meal. After the impact of the Filomena storm on the streets of Madrid, Carlos Soler started Un Domingo Solidario to support the people in need with a warm meal through those desperate times. Once again, winter is coming and, more than ever, they require everyone’s help. To contribute to their cause, we have created the MPFights Domingo Solidario bracelet, whose full net profits will be donated to the initiative so they can buy food to cook for families without resources, homeless people or get toys for children this Christmas. Today it’s for them, tomorrow for you. Together, we are stronger. Join the fight!

#MPFights Cancer

We still have a long road ahead of us. That is why we want to continue to ensure the well-being of those facing this disease. Once again, we are positioning ourselves in favor of the fight against cancer. For this reason, we are launching the Cancer Charm: a solidary jewel whose entire net profits are destined to the AECC, the Spanish Association Against Cancer. The raised funds will be used to help finance research projects that allow better diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Let’s win the battle against cancer: together, we are unstoppable.​

#MPFights Collection

At Maria Pascual, we are a young and dynamic team, who are very engaged with all kinds of social issues. Being close to people is at the heart of our professional philosophy, and this allows us to permanently be in direct contact with the issues that worry most people in their day-to-day lives.

One of our main motivations is to take advantage of our position as a platform by having a positive impact on society and on the planet. That’s why, in line with our values and principles, we have launched a campaign in collaboration with a variety of organizations, to support causes that are especially important to us as a team and will contribute to making the world a better place.

We have created the #MPFights bracelets. Each colour represents one fight. And for each purchase you make, we will contribute the full amount to the ONGs we believe best defends each cause. Because changing the world can be difficult. But helping to change it is not as hard. Have you already decided what your #MPFights is?


How many elderly people who living alone do you know? It is a pity that old age has become the longest and loneliest stage of life. In fact, in Spain almost 2 million people live on their own and so they have become a vulnerable group. If we do not address their social isolation, it can have a detrimental impact on the health of our elders. At Maria Pascual we want to fight unwanted loneliness and we have joined forces with Amigos De Los Mayores, an organization that seeks to rewrite the meaning of old age and to provide companionship to the elderly in order to bring light into their lives.

Take Action Collection 2021

At Maria Pascual we’re on a mission to make an impact on our world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we started thinking how we could make a difference to our community and looked for a way to help support those who were suffering the most during those unprecedented times. Especially the healthcare workers, as they were struggling with long working hours, fatigue, anxiety, and extreme psychological stress
As a result, we donated 520 face masks and disposable gloves to the Hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisés Broggi in Barcelona thanks to the generosity of one of our suppliers We also organized a fundraiser with the Fundació AjudantAjudar in order to deliver healthy meals to the hospital staff working on the frontline as a way to show them our infinite gratitude for their hard work. They needed a meal that was easy and quick to consume, full of nutrients, and that could sustain them throughout the day. Together we delivered up to 240 meal boxes.
Once again: Thank you for helping us support those in need, you never cease to amaze us. Always remember that small acts lead to big changes.

Take Action Collection 2021

We joined the global movement for equality and women’s rights through a special campaign. We launched a limited edition Maria Pascual Pink Cardholder and donated 10 euros to the Ana Bella Foundation against domestic violence. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped us create a society free of gender- based discrimination and violence!​

Take Action Collection 2021

FAADA is an association that strives to provide protection to animals that suffer from abuse and exploitation. Every year more than 138,000 dogs and cats are abandoned in our country. A figure that hurts us, and as animal lovers that we are, we want to support FAADA´s work and contribute.
In order to help them gain exposure by creating a giveaway we donated 15 packs of Serpentine Necklaces.

#MPFights Plastic

Right now, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, there is an island made out of plastic, about the size of France, floating around. It’s not fiction. Our oceans are disappearing and the lives of millions of species are in danger. Because we want to take steps towards creating a planet free of plastics, we are giving our support to the ​​Asociación Ambiente Europeo​. A social movement that promotes a circular economy, as well as the protection of the oceans.

#MPFights Animal Abuse

Every year more than 138,000 dogs and cats are abandoned in our country. A figure that hurts us. Just like their abuse and exploitation. We want to protect these animals and so we have found our alter ego: ​Fundación FAADA. An association that strives to provide an education based on respect. All of us who are animal lovers, are supporting their initiatives by putting on this bracelet.

#MPFights Cancer

Because we’ve all been closely touched by it, we don’t want to say its name again. What we want is to guarantee the well-being of those who come face-to-face with this illness. And, we want to fight to make sure that no one who is suffering, or who is close to someone who is unwell, is isolated. We don’t want anyone to feel alone and so we are dedicating this contribution to the patient accompaniment programs of the ​Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC)​.

#MPFights Gender Violence

We are saying it loud and clear. Not one more. Like Ana Bella, thousands of women live their lives feeling threatened by their partners. Ana fought to stop feeling invisible and today her foundation works towards the empowerment of women, developing projects that aim to prevent gender violence. We want to make her cause ours. Let’s contribute, along with the ​Fundación Ana Bella, towards making sure that no more women have to suffer. Our support goes out to all of these women.


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