Fashion week season it’s (almost) over and we are glad, thrilled, in love and happy with that. Do you know why? Exactly, cause Maria Pascual killed it on the streets of NY, London, Milano and Paris. All of that it was because of they, our ambassadors (and best influencers in the town): Marta, Aida, Maria, Teresa or Sara are our truly inspiration for this new season.

Which piece is your favorite? Guadalupe necklace, lace necklace, small cross necklace or the flat hoop earrings are perfect for 24/7. Do you want to see how can you mix them? Take a look!

* Small cross. Be patience, this necklace it will be back soon (we promise!). Our small cross necklace was the star of Milan thanks to Aida Domenech (aka Dulceida). She wore it with a red suit and a white suit, and she was a real queen.

* Guadalupe. We told you, in Guadalupe we trust and you should trust too. If she’s by your side your outfit will be insane. She’s the best companion and always makes you shine as you deserve.

* Lace necklace. 90 are back and the lace gold necklace is the proof of it. Feel the flow with this piece that we truly love.

* Flat Hoop earrings. We love hoop earrings, and if they’re bigger… it’s better. These earrings in collaboration with Collage Vintage are amazing, don’t you think?