Dino Earrings by Maria Pascual
We can’t stop and we won’t stop, this is our motto (since always). We started a new season where every single week we will be launching new items. That’s why today we can’t be more excited to introduce you to our new earrings: dino earrings and pearl earring. Will you resist them?

It’s a new statement: new items are coming every week, how cool is that? Following the trend to wear a ear full of piercings and charms, our dino earrings could be the sensation of this summer. The dinosaurs disappeared millions of years ago, but they’re back. Don’t worry they aren’t dangerous at all, just the best companion for your daily outfits.

Which one is your favorite?

Dino Earrings by Maria Pascual

Dino Earrings. After a gazillion years, dinosaurs are back! Take them to the mall or maybe to the cinema, they are not dangerous at all and as you can see, they are too cute to handle!

Pearl Earring by Maria Pascual

Pearl Earring. This beautiful hoop earring featuring a glistening and iridiscent freshwater pearl is the most charming option for a whimsical look. This one is really lightweight, so it’s perfect to wear it every day. This item is sold individually. Every pearl is unique and may vary in shape and color.

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  • Dino earrings for sure, love them

    • Thank you Lucia! :)


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